The Best Lawn Care Service in Livonia, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This December, it’s Mark W. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Garden City, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, Westland
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,165 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: January 2018

Being a business owner can be difficult, it’s a rocky road full of trials and tribulations- trust us, we get it! But no one handles these challenges with as much grace as our Pro of the Month, Mark. By proactively reaching out with live ETA updates, or replying to those seeking landscaping advice from an expert, Mark’s always eager to chat with his customers. Read more

The Best Lawn Care Company in South Lyon, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This November, it’s Ronnie C. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Brighton, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 3,114 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.98 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2015

All of our providers are extremely skilled, yet Ronnie really sets himself apart for how uniquely multi-faceted his talents are! Read more

The Best Lawn Mowing Service in Snellville, GA

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This September, it’s Jeremy C. in Atlanta!

📍 Service Area: Dacula, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Snellville
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 342 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.90 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: June 2017

Jeremy sets the bar high across Atlanta, leading the charge by delivering quick & quality service.  Whether it’s lawn mowing or shrub trimming, leaf cleanup or pressure washing – if you name it, Jeremy can do it.  It’s no wonder he’s our most requested Provider across our southern territories. Read more

The Top Lawn Maintenance Provider in South Lyon, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This July, it’s David J. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Wixom
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,236 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.97 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2017

We’re proud to work with the toughest, most hard working guys in the industry. Being a father and owner of multiple businesses, David is really doing it all. We can vouch for him in saying his life is far from dull. Read more

Heat Stress Isn’t Cool

It’s the middle of July and from California to Maine there’s a heat wave messing up our hair and our lawns.

It’s fairly common mid season for your lawn to dry out from the heat and start to look more like a bale of hay. By mid-July you’re likely missing the feeling of the lush green grass beneath your feet, and quite honestly, your dog probably feels the same way. Read more

The Best Lawn Mowing Company in Springfield, PA

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This June, it’s William and Jaime P. in Philly!

📍 Service Area: Cherry Hill, Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Springfield,
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,230 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.89 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: April 2017

We think all of our providers are pretty incredible, and completely badass but this power couple might just take the cake. William and Jaime are devoted parents and two of the most industrious lawn care providers in Philadelphia we have. Since Jaime manages their operation, we want to take a moment to highlight her as she’s a true super woman. Read more

The Best Lawn Care & Snow Removal Company in Ann Arbor, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This April, it’s Diane C. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Ann Arbor, Belleville, Canton, Romulus Ypsilanti
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 2,884 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.83 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2016

It goes without saying that we value our providers, they truly are our bread and butter and we know that they work incredibly hard in the industry and in their personal lives. Diane is a true powerhouse, and a self-motivated badass.

Tackling everything from becoming a local business owner, devoted grandmother, and serial multi-tasker; plus a ton of other victories, has earned Diane the spot as LawnGuru’s first female Provider of the Month.


Diane got her start with LawnGuru in 2016, and had a sharp-wittedness regarding business years before her foray into the landscaping industry. Early on she began her career cleaning homes, from foreclosed and vacant properties to six-figure estates.

Her schedule was stacked each week to the point she could hardly take on new clientele. Diane refused to turn anyone away, as she’s always been happiest with a full schedule, juggling both her family life and her career.

It was during this time that life, came at her fast, changing her future forever.

Eight years ago Diane suffered a devastating loss.

Her husband passed away heartbreakingly, in 2010, and shortly after she started her first business. His constant support and encouragement had been a motivating factor which seemed to pave the footprint for her future. She had been cleaning houses for thirty years, and knew it was time to take everything she learned and strike out on her own. The economic recession had her focused on foreclosures.

Four years into founding her cleaning company, Diane met her business partner, and beau, Tom. They began working together not only inside the home, but also providing outdoor services in lawn and landscaping too. Tom’s son, Tim, began working with the dynamic duo and they soon became the company we lovingly know as Di & The Guys.


Family has always been top priority for Diane.

With the help of Tom, she’s proudly raising her 11 year old granddaughter, Brooke. Diane and her family live on a farm where they raise chickens, more-so where Brooke raises her chickens. Diane is a firm believer in teaching our youth to be independent, self-sufficient adults, so these chickens are completely Brooke’s responsibility. Brooke’s in charge of caring for her flock and selling their eggs. The profit earned from all sales is hers to keep, in effort for Diane to help Brooke understand the value of a dollar while grasping key entrepreneurial skills that can be learned from running a small business.



Diane’s nephew became a LawnGuru Pro to pick up extra work during snow season and encouraged her and Tom to join.

He recommended the app to add more customers to her weekly route schedule, and grow Di & The Guys. Diane got in touch with Brandon, a LawnGuru co-founder, to learn about the platform and see if her company was the right fit. After a rigorous vetting process, Diane became an approved LawnGuru Provider ready to hit the road and start accepting jobs!

What does Diane love about LawnGuru?

“LawnGuru finds the work for us, acquires the customers, and the staff is quick to answer our questions. We don’t have to deal with any of that and those are the biggest pain points I’ve faced. Working with LawnGuru and taking care of the customers together has worked out great for us. Plus we’re always paid quickly and on-time so the days of trying to track down customers with outstanding invoices are finally over for us.” Read more

Avoid These Customer Complaints

There are certain expectations a customer has when hiring a lawn company.

Hiring a lawn and snow service is a luxury, if customers are paying a pretty penny to have their property professionally maintained they’ll likely want some customer service, too.

As a provider, it’s best practice to make sure you create a checklist outside of the services they ordered. This ensures that they are not only pleased with the quality, but the experience as a whole. Keep in mind that a lot of business comes from referrals and every new customer is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial experience. 


Communication should always be a top priority, whether it’s a delay or equipment malfunction, customers expect to be kept up to date on the status of their service.

If you’re unable to make it on the service day, your customer should be updated with as much notice as possible. For instances such as weather delays, when the grass is just too wet to mow, customers are often understanding. No one wants to endure long lasting lawn damage just to have their grass cut. Read more

The Highest Rated Lawn Care Service in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This March, it’s Jeff B. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Bloomfield Hills, Commerce, Waterford, West Bloomfield
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 2,801 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.93 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: January 2016

Full time husband, father, firefighter, owner of Premier Landscaping, and LawnGuru all-star. We’re proud to work with local Pros who are also local heroes!

Always on the run, Jeff made time to jump on a call (while en route to a customers property to clear snow) to give us his story dating back 27 years where he got his start in the outdoor service industry.

Jeff started his lawn company while in high school and carried it through his college years.

What initially started as a summer job with the intent to focus solely on school during the year quickly blossomed into much more.

After years of building up his client base, he used his business as a way to put himself through college.


He stumbled upon LawnGuru winter of 2016 when our co-founder and his sister went into Jeff’s brother, Brians, Sprint store in Brighton, MI.

The mention of LawnGuru peaked Brian’s interest as he and Jeff teamed up on lawn, landscaping and snow projects. Brian rang Jeff immediately to tell him all about the app and discuss how they could integrate it into their current business to add more customers to their route. Read more

The Best Lawn Care Services in Detroit, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This February, it’s Deese P. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Roseville, Warren
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,648 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2016

Meet Deese

Deese has always taken pride in his lawn and landscaping so it was no surprise when his neighbors began to take notice and ask if he would be interested in doing their landscaping. With four kids and his wife Tiesse battling cancer, the answer was an obvious yes.

This husband and wife duo own and operate their landscaping company together. Deese handles all of the manual labor and delivery of service, while Tiesse controls all functions necessary for success within the app including route optimization, accepting new job requests, and customer communication.


After providing outdoor services independently for a few years, Deese stumbled upon LawnGuru on Facebook.

He deliberated with Tiesse as to whether LawnGuru was a legitimate platform, and quickly decided to accept one job to find out for themselves. Being in control of backend operations, Tiesse was interested in simplifying invoices, improving route organization, minimizing customer acquisition costs and all the paperwork that goes into being an owner-operator.  

A country home with a freshly plowed driveway done by a LawnGuru Provider using a Boss plow     A city home with a freshly plowed driveway done by a LawnGuru Provider using a Western plow

The Pippins have been with LawnGuru since 2016, completed more than 1150 jobs using the app, and say they love the convenience. Read more