4 Times Our Customers Made Us Laugh Out Loud!

Top customer support meme

Every day, our Support Team handles a variety of customer & provider needs through email, live chat, by phone, and even text.

In a world where robots are truly taking over (the Jetsons would be so proud), you would be surprised to see what people say to our text support reps, Carly and Sarah when they think nobody’s on the other end. The truth is, someone is always on the other end and there is no true “automated support” here at LawnGuru. Read more

We Broke It, We Bought It (Fixed It).

As a kid, you probably recall your parents saying “you break it you buy it.” That same idiom applies in lawn care. While our Pro’s are a cut above in all aspects of lawn & landscaping, they are also human, just like us; and make mistakes, just like us. These are the 5 most surprising damage claims we’ve had to manage in 2019. Read more

April Provider Leaderboard

Where do you rank? Check the top 100 list below to see where you stand. If you’re not listed, don’t worry – the season has just begun and we expect to see a lot of volatility as upstarts challenge reigning heavy-weights.

April’s Top 100 LawnGuru Providers

RANK First Name Last Initial Market Last 4 of Phone Number
1 Evan A DETROIT 8425
2 Rafael HOUSTON 9435
3 Aiden ATLANTA 9779
4 Zach A DETROIT 2618
5 Nate CHICAGO 4333
6 Julio G HOUSTON 9063
7 Dan G CHICAGO 0112
8 Justine H DC 8243
9 Alec G DETROIT 9900
10 Brandon DETROIT 4598
11 Michael C DETROIT 3858
12 Keith L DETROIT 1597
13 Bryce W HOUSTON 9032
14 Anthony A DETROIT 9707
15 Tammy H ATLANTA 9669
16 Branden D DETROIT 9332
17 Nathan I HOUSTON 0244
18 Antonio G ATLANTA 3113
19 Jeffrey E ATLANTA 7074
20 Mark K ATLANTA 1442
21 Juan G HOUSTON 7818
22 Brian DETROIT 6366
23 Jody ATLANTA 4684
24 Manuel A HOUSTON 0130
25 Stephen H ATLANTA 5562
26 Anthony DETROIT 1791
27 Michael H HOUSTON 0487
28 Mike HOUSTON 5296
29 Mondo D DETROIT 6556
30 Danny HOUSTON 5226
31 Raquel Z HOUSTON 1984
32 Jacob A HOUSTON 6721
33 Devin H ATLANTA 1332
34 Jeremy C ATLANTA 5830
35 Delton F ATLANTA 6397
36 Eli D HOUSTON 9777
37 Gilbert V DETROIT 9897
38 Francis ATLANTA 8310
39 Tim C HOUSTON 9504
40 Charles D HOUSTON 2888
41 Billie R DETROIT 8096
42 Erik C HOUSTON 6795
43 Bobby R ATLANTA 6562
44 Jerry G HOUSTON 0920
45 Chad M HOUSTON 3067
46 John L DETROIT 6724
47 Quinton A ATLANTA 2174
48 Marv DETROIT 9814
49 James C HOUSTON 8917
50 Reggie L ATLANTA 2942
51 Albert C DETROIT 0780
52 Erik C HOUSTON 1910
53 David R ATLANTA 6848
54 Corey DETROIT 3349
55 Elliott G HOUSTON 9323
56 Justin ATLANTA 7665
57 Diane C DETROIT 1828
58 Bobby L G ATLANTA 7489
59 Jason DETROIT 1922
60 Craig C ATLANTA 9317
61 David J DETROIT 2400
62 Matt C DETROIT 2283
63 Ishmael J ATLANTA 4961
64 Alfred J ATLANTA 7822
65 Buddy M ATLANTA 5160
66 Nick DETROIT 4047
67 Paul D HOUSTON 0516
68 Maurice W DC 8980
69 Jimario W DC 9585
70 Juan L ATLANTA 6769
71 Roy C CLEVELAND 7419
72 Ben A ATLANTA 6409
73 Alesandre D DC 4869
74 Mark W DETROIT 6680
75 Joseph A HOUSTON 2711
76 Carlos ATLANTA 8587
77 Jose G DC 2408
78 Dequale HOUSTON 0301
79 James ATLANTA 9478
80 Norm D DETROIT 0336
81 Katrina C ATLANTA 4987
82 Brian J DETROIT 3492
83 Danelle R HOUSTON 3552
84 Rick T DETROIT 2900
85 Nathaniel ATLANTA 4865
86 Daniel HOUSTON 5594
87 William and Jaime PHILADELPHIA 3501
88 Ray DC 7239
89 Gerald H ATLANTA 6290
90 Christopher DC 1095
91 Carvin DC 2327
92 Shiwila W ATLANTA 9748
93 David M DETROIT 2545
94 Daniel H DC 5263
95 Marlon A ATLANTA 1493
96 Rick M HOUSTON 1084
97 Raul G HOUSTON 1745
98 Randy J HOUSTON 0553
99 Justin D HOUSTON 4061
100 Nathan H HOUSTON 7063

Heat Stress Isn’t Cool

It’s the middle of July and from California to Maine there’s a heat wave messing up our hair and our lawns.

It’s fairly common mid season for your lawn to dry out from the heat and start to look more like a bale of hay. By mid-July you’re likely missing the feeling of the lush green grass beneath your feet, and quite honestly, your dog probably feels the same way.

It’s time to give your lawn a little extra TLC. That means: watering regularly, staying off it while it regrows, and tending to it like you would a plant in your garden.

Heat stress occurs when temperatures climb with little relief from rain or cool conditions.

During peak summer months it’s best to water the lawn between 6am – 10 am. Lawns absorb the most moisture during morning hours when the weather is cool. This allows the water to flow directly to the roots as opposed to losing it to evaporation before it’s able to nourish your lawn. Read more

Avoid These Customer Complaints

There are certain expectations a customer has when hiring a lawn company.

Hiring a lawn and snow service is a luxury, if customers are paying a pretty penny to have their property professionally maintained they’ll likely want some customer service, too.

As a provider, it’s best practice to make sure you create a checklist outside of the services they ordered. This ensures that they are not only pleased with the quality, but the experience as a whole. Keep in mind that a lot of business comes from referrals and every new customer is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial experience. 


Communication should always be a top priority, whether it’s a delay or equipment malfunction, customers expect to be kept up to date on the status of their service.

If you’re unable to make it on the service day, your customer should be updated with as much notice as possible. For instances such as weather delays, when the grass is just too wet to mow, customers are often understanding. No one wants to endure long lasting lawn damage just to have their grass cut. Read more