Lawn Care Advertising Ideas

When it comes to running your own lawn care business, good lawn care advertising ideas are essential for success. That’s why when you join LawnGuru as a service provider, LawnGuru will handle a lot of your advertising for you! That being said, we also have a few other lawn care advertising ideas to help you land new customers! Read more

Here’s How Often You Should Mow Your Lawn

Do you know how often you should mow your lawn? There are many reasons to mow your lawn regularly. It keeps your property looking well groomed, and it can also keep the grass healthy and happy when done conscientiously. While it’s important to keep up with one’s lawn care, too much of something isn’t always a good thing…that includes giving your lawn too many close shaves. So, really, how often should you mow your lawn? Read more

How To Prepare Your Yard For Winter

Preparing a yard for winter is a lot like losing weight. A lot of time is spent doing it, but the results don’t kick in for a while. Therefore, who even knows if you’re doing it right?

Well, we can’t help guide you through your weight loss journey, but we can help prepare your yard for winter so you can relax knowing your lawn will be in the best shape of its life come spring. With our fall services, LawnGuru can fully service your outdoor needs; from leaf cleanup to sprinkler winterization. Here’s how to prepare your yard for winter! Read more