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Heat Stress Isn’t Cool

It’s the middle of July and from California to Maine there’s a heat wave messing up our hair and our lawns.

It’s fairly common mid season for your lawn to dry out from the heat and start to look more like a bale of hay. By mid-July you’re likely missing the feeling of the lush green grass beneath your feet, and quite honestly, your dog probably feels the same way.

It’s time to give your lawn a little extra TLC. That means: watering regularly, staying ... 

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Double Cutting Your Lawn: Is It Worth It?

Double Cutting Your Lawn: Is It Worth It?

Has your provider ever recommended double cutting your lawn? Double cutting happens when a lawn needs to be cut twice—sometimes in the same session—or maybe a couple of days after a mow. It takes extra time and can be more of an expense than a regular cut, so the big question is… is it worth it?

When To Double Cut Your Lawn

For A Cleaner Cut

Double cutting can help give your lawn a cleaner and higher quality cut. If your grass has grown just a little bit too tall, mowing once—even if you’re following the one-third rule—can rip the blades of grass and cause damage to your lawn. Unless you’re using very sharp blades in your mower, double cutting may be a better option when it comes to lessening the stress on your turfgrass.

For a cleaner cut across your lawn, raise your deck height for the first round of mowing. After that, mow your lawn the second time with your blade lowered to the desired final height.

When Your Grass Is Too


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