The Best Snow Removal in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This December, it’s Kevin H. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Pontiac, West Bloomfield
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 2,210 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.91 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: April 2017

Every Pro has a unique way of finding us and December’s Pro of the Month is no exception. For Kevin H. (and no we aren’t talking about Kevin Hart), one Craigslist ad led to the partnership of a lifetime.  Read more

The Best Snow Plowing in Commerce, Michigan.

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This November, it’s Blake H. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Bloomfield Hills, Commerce, Milford, White Lake
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,586 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.84 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: July 2017

Hot dog! And no, we’re not talking about the lawn. This Pro got his entrepreneurial start from none other than a hot dog stand! But, in the midst of winter when all the toppings froze (yikes!), Blake knew this seasonal business wasn’t going to cut it. It was time to jump into something fresh, this time, with the weather on his side. Read more

The Best Lawn Care in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This
October, it’s James A. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Macomb, Rochester, Sterling Heights, Troy, Warren
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 282 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.96 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: July 2019

Not everyone can lay stripes as nice as these and while James may be a rookie provider within LawnGuru, he’s quickly proved to be just as capable and diligent as any of our long-tenured veterans! Read more

The Best Lawn Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This
September, it’s Jeffrey E. in Atlanta!

📍 Service Area: Atlanta, Decatur, Fayetteville, Locust Grove, McDonough
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 230 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2018

McDonough Lawn Service

Jeffrey got his start in the outdoor service industry over 15 years ago, but it was only in 2018 that he decided to go out on his own. That’s where we come in! From our first call with him, we knew (and secretly hoped) he’d become part of the LawnGuru family. He is one of those people that you feel you’ve known forever after just a few minutes of conversation. He’s a skilled landscaper and enjoys adding flowers & mulch to transform a blank canvas Read more

The Best Lawn Care Service in Redford, Michigan

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This
August, it’s Vincent N. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Redford
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,481 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: April 2017

Behind every great lawn, is an even better provider! Our August Provider of the Month, Vincent, has mowed nearly 1,500 lawns with us since 2017. That’s 10.9 MILLION square feet of grass! To put it into perspective, if football fields all had grass, that would be eight years of consistent lawn maintenance at the Big House. While Vincent is a jack of all trades, he says, “nothing will ever beat a quality grass cut.” Read more

The Best One Time Lawn Care in Hazel Park, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This April, it’s Brian S. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Berkley, Birmingham, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Warren, Southfield
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 565 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.91 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: January 2016

Growing up just blocks away from one of the top restaurants in Michigan, (shoutout Mabel Gray), Brian’s standards were set high from a very young age. He’s been known to call himself a perfectionist and that quality shines through in his work.

Whether Brian is faced with an unruly lawn that hasn’t been mowed in years or one that’s been pampered on a weekly basis, the end result is always the same – Brian isn’t loading mowers back onto his trailer until the lawn is in pristine condition. After all, his work is his billboard, and he wants to make sure he’s always on-brand with his advertising.

one time lawn mowing michigan      One Time Lawn Mowing Ferndale, Michigan

While some homeowners are happy with the routine service they order for their yard, many want advice from top quality professionals like Brian. Brian uses his 10+ years of experience to ensure his customers’ lawns are always showroom ready. His expertise extends beyond grass cutting, which is why you’ll often find Brian giving his clients simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Brian understands how his customers think and what they want, Pinterest worthy lawns that rule the neighborhood without blowing up the budget.

Exemplary professionalism and performance didn’t happen by accident, where did Brian get started?

Brian worked for a local landscaping company when he was younger and quickly climbed the ladder to become a foreman. It was there he learned how to assemble and run an effective crew. In fact, Brian believes a small team of highly committed guys is what enables him to accomplish more work that is completed to a higher standard; teams populated by the best will consistently outperform their peers.

This managerial experience and focus on the result is something he says he’ll use every day for the rest of his career. Kudos to the company that taught Brian, we’re grateful for you, and so is he!

Human Size Weed in Michigan     Lawn Mowing in Detroit Michigan

Still, it wasn’t always sing-alongs, rainbows, and butterflies for Brian.

As a foreman with a baby on the way, he was forced to pick up an assortment of side jobs to make ends meet. Being a seasonal professional, Brian was accustomed to being laid off, however, each year his pride plummeted as his compensation was relatively flat while his responsibilities climbed higher and higher.

“I felt cornered and helpless. Being the breadwinner, this time of year used to be downright depressing.”

With steady work coming to an immediate halt and a beautiful baby boy arriving soon, supporting his family became incredibly challenging. Brian knew he needed to make a change.

He couldn’t just wait for work to present itself, Xavier was coming into this world and he knew he needed to build a life for him.

Green front lawn in Hazel Park        Father and son ride motorcycles in Hazel Park

He talked to his family, did a lot of self-reflecting, set goals, focused on his passions and decided creating his own work was the only solution. It was then that Mr B’s Outdoor Service was born.

After establishing himself and his company, Brian stumbled upon LawnGuru in the app store. Unsure if it could help him, he signed up and became a certified LawnGuru Pro anyways. It wasn’t long before he realized that his business wasn’t just seasonal, with the order volume LawnGuru was able to offer him, he could finally keep busy year round.

One thing we have to say about Brian is he has grit. And when that fails, he has Xavier. Brian’s now 8-year-old son is his inspiration. The two enjoy basketball, football, fishing and even get down on Fortnite together.

Hazel Park Lawn Care Company         Hazel Park elementary school lunch time

So what’s Brian’s favorite thing about LawnGuru?

“The best feature would have to be the Map View. It’s the main hub of all the job offerings on LawnGuru with markers differentiating the type of job. It shows me where I have to be that day so I can easily plan my route on and off the app. LawnGuru only alerts my phone with new jobs within my specific service area, but if I’m ever in a different area for anything, the map view allows me to quickly pull out my phone and take on some one-time services near me for extra money. The gas I use going to one job can let me take on an extra 2 or 3 with LawnGuru.”

One Time Snow Removal Oak Park, Michigan        One Time Snow Removal Detroit, Michigan

What Are Brian’s Customers Saying?

“Top notch and Brian kept his promise to get us cleared out before the 5am commute! If I could give six stars I would!” said Yaro on Vernon Ave in Huntington Woods.

“Brian did an awesome job! We were out of town for Thanksgiving and came home to a clean yard. Thank you!” said Kelley on Brownell Ave in Plymouth. Read more

The Best Lawn Care Provider in Brighton, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This February, it’s Jason P. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Brighton, Hartland, Highland, Howell, Milford
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 201 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.90 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2018

This fire fighting, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu training, all-around outdoorsmen earned MVP Guru status and just so happens to be a top lawn care provider in the Brighton area. Read more

The Best Lawn Care Service in Livonia, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This December, it’s Mark W. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Garden City, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, Westland
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,165 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: January 2018

Being a business owner can be difficult, it’s a rocky road full of trials and tribulations- trust us, we get it! But no one handles these challenges with as much grace as our Pro of the Month, Mark. By proactively reaching out with live ETA updates, or replying to those seeking landscaping advice from an expert, Mark’s always eager to chat with his customers.

There’s something about fresh cut grass that adds to any neighborhoods curb appeal and that’s something we all can relate to! Luckily, Marks customers get the best of both worlds, the ease of requesting service through the app and the quality of a seasoned professional. It’s no wonder Mark is at the top of the leader board amongst our Pros!

The road to becoming top dog wasn’t always easy but it was always worth it, or so we’ve been told. Mark joined our ranks in December of 2017, ready to plow some serious powder. He was referred to LawnGuru by his fiancé’s cousin so aside from all the statistics, we now can confidently say that word of mouth marketing does actually work!

Bloomfield Snow Removal Farmington Hills Snow Removal

During the winter he made a name for himself by operating his business the same way we operate LawnGuru, with care for all of his customers and consistent, honest communication.

It can be a challenge replying to customers during heavy snow storms because unlike lawn mowing, snow service doesn’t sleep! Mark keeps a close eye on his messages and prioritizes his chats even during peak order volumes. Mark’s 10 for 10 when it comes to touching base with his customers and he maintains a 94% first response rate meaning almost all messages were responded to in under an hour (he’s gotta sleep sometimes)!

   Northville Lawn Care  Rochester Lawn Care

But that’s just one reason we love Mark.

Persistence, dedication, drive – those are a few qualities we’ve noticed our Pros seem to share. Lucky for us, Mark has all of that and more. He embodies ambition, the same ambition that led him to us.

When Mark shared with us how he wanted to create something of his own as opposed to driving someone else’s vision, we realized we shared this mindset too and knew we could build something great together.

“Working for different companies over time and being treated like dirt made me want to stop building someone else’s dream and go for my own. I took all the money I had and invested it in my goal. With the help of LawnGuru I have gotten my business off to a great start.”

Running his own business has helped him and his fiancé, Kimmy, financially prep for their soon to be nuptials.

Date Night  Holiday Cheer

In his off time, Mark explores his other interests like music and traveling. He likes road tripping to new shows with family, friends, and most importantly, with Kimmy!

The contractors who work in outdoor service have a unique passion for the outdoors and Mark is no exception. He likes to spend time outside no matter what season it is; from mowing to trimming to snow clearing, Mark and his crew are the one stop shop catering to whatever their clients need.

His goal from all of this?  Simple.

“Building my business and making it successful has helped me provide for my soon to be wife. It’s set the foundation for a steady future and together we can keep building it.” Read more

The Best Lawn Care Company in South Lyon, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This November, it’s Ronnie C. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Brighton, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 3,114 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.98 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2015

All of our providers are extremely skilled, yet Ronnie really sets himself apart for how uniquely multi-faceted his talents are!

LawnGuru helps pros build their routes by filling in schedule gaps and adding more customers to their client base; with Ronnie the app takes it to another level. It’s a means to turn his outdoor service expertise into dollars to fund his schooling, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of his journey!

He’s a top tiered LawnGuru Pro and an integral member of two bands all while working through his masters program at the University of Michigan.

He started out with a love for the outdoors and knew he could capitalize on that at a young age. He cut grass in high school which helped put him through his undergrad but he wasn’t satisfied just yet and wanted to further his education.

Lake Como, Italy photo

Being business minded and operating a lawn company early on provided him with the skills and mindset to work hard knowing that there is no limit to what he can achieve.

“I enjoy landscaping but I know it’s not something I want to do forever and I know it’s important to do what you love so you can love what you do which is why I decided to head back to school with a focus on clinical social work.” Read more

The Top Lawn and Landscaping Company in South Lyon, Mi

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This October, it’s Brad A. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Hamburg, Northville, New Hudson, South Lyon, Wixom
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,604 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2015

Brad was one of the first service providers on-boarded when the LawnGuru app launched in 2015. This is back when the app was solely for ordering on-demand cuts; no options for snow service, shrub trimming, yard clean ups or even recurring lawn service, so as you can imagine, a lot has changed! But one thing has remained constant, and that’s the relationship we’ve grown and maintained with our rockstar pro, Brad!

He got his start in the landscaping business when he was 10-years-old; like most kids, he had parents and neighbors that needed their lawn cut. Read more