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Provider Add-Client Feature

LawnGuru is built by providers for providers which is how we try to spot and prevent problems. We share the same problems so it only follows that we should share the same solutions.

When Skye and Brandon were their own two man crew, they never wanted to decline sales for services that were outside their box and hated tracking down past-due invoices in order to get paid. 

Provider Add-Client is the solution to these headaches, allowing you to sell anything and ensure problem customers pay on time every time. Also, it’s free. We don’t take a dime, you just pay the same credit card processing fees we do.

Get Rid of Past-Due Invoices

Tracking down late payments sucks – you are working to get paid on work you already provided. We all have that customer, who for whatever reason is constantly in arrears.

Put an end to that streak. Forever.

Put them on Provider Add-Client.

That way, you can use the app to ensure funds are available and you’re paid after completing each job. Boom!

Sell More Services

When customers want something you can’t provide or would throw-off your routes, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Not anymore.

Now you can sell anything offered through LawnGuru to your own customers. Using Provider Add-Client, you can give them access to our entire suite of services presented as if they were your own.

This way, you can get their service needs filled profitably and give them intuitive platform to up-sell themselves. If a customer requests services in the app, it routes to you and only you. If you can’t or don’t want to fulfill it, you have the ability to set a price and shop it out to your fellow pros.

Now you’re the all-encompassing one-stop shop without having to invest in additional equipment or crew members. This literally is bolt-on capability that costs you only credit card processing fees on sales that are completed. Boomx2!

How Do I Use Provider Add-Client?

It’s built right into your Provider Mobile app, just navigate to Pro Add Client and set up your customers to get rid of past due collections and start up-selling your customers.

 Important Detail:


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20 / 70 / 10 Overview

Overview: 20 / 70 / 10 Ranking System

20/70/10 is how we view our business, customers & providers. We borrowed this thinking from Jack Welch of GE fame, and it’s essentially Pareto’s principle on steroids. It has proven itself over and over again as an effective way to break up and understand all our users.

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2019 Overgrowth Policy Update

Why Make A Change?

Overgrowth was built into our app from the beginning when we were only offering on-demand cuts to customers and had to protect providers from abuse or wasted time (money).

Over the course of 2017 and 2018 mowing seasons, we realized we’d lost more than two thousand recurring customers after an overgrowth charge. TWO THOUSAND! 

We really hadn’t reanalyzed it since 2015, and seeing this outcome and what it could’ve meant for your bottom line we knew we had no choice but to find a better way. Recurring customers are the foundation upon which we (pros and LawnGuru) build our businesses and unlocks the capacity that allows us to offer on-demand cuts.

Goal: Less Requests,


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Here's How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

Avoid These Customer Complaints

There are certain expectations a customer has when hiring a lawn company.

Hiring a lawn and snow service is a luxury, if customers are paying a pretty penny to have their property professionally maintained they’ll likely want some customer service, too.

As a provider, it’s best practice to make sure you create a checklist outside of the services they ordered. This ensures that they are not only pleased with the quality, but the experience as a whole. Keep in mind that a lot of business comes from referrals and every new customer is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial experience. 


Communication should always be a top priority, whether it’s a delay ... 

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The Best Brands In Lawn Equipment

The Best Brands In Lawn Equipment

When the average consumer thinks of lawn equipment tools, they might think no further than lawn mowers. After all, lawn mowers are the crux of a successful lawn mowing business! As a lawn care provider, however, you may already know that lawn maintenance is so much more than just mowing a lawn. In addition to mowing lawns, your clients may have other landscaping needs, such as edging, trimming, or leaf cleanup. Keep reading to learn more about the best brands in lawn equipment. 

What Makes a Brand


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Best Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Best Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Whether you’re just starting your lawn care business or trying to grow your existing one, it’s always a good idea to think of how to get more customers. Letting people know your business exists by utilizing advertising ideas is a great first step, but it might take some more time and effort to gain momentum when it comes to growing your customer base. Keep reading for the best ways to get lawn care customers. 

Four Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Invest in Advertising

It’s important to design your marketing material. Whether it’s postcards, business cards, door hangers, or flyers— just make sure the information is easy to read and understand. On whatever you hand out, be sure to include your business name, contact information, services offered, and pricing. If people are second-guessing your advertising they might also second guess your services, so make sure to be clear and concise, without bombarding them with too much info!

With advertising, if you’re targeting a desirable area, you can bet others are, too! So, how do you differentiate your marketing material from everyone else’s? It’s worth putting a little extra time and effort into your marketing designs, and even a little extra money on the type of paper you’re using for your postcards or door hangers. It might seem scary to spend the money, but think of marketing materials as an investment into growing your business.

Focus on Your Customers’ Needs

One of the best ways to get lawn care customers is to hone your business practices, differentiate your business, and continue to strengthen your existing customer base. With lawn care, it can be easy to fall into a routine for the same lawns, but it’s good to take time every so often to re-evaluate what your customers expect to get out of your services. A customer who feels that they are being listened to is a customer for life!

Other Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Targeting new markets can be daunting, especially when you’re unsure of what your market is. However, there are other ways to gain customers without thinking of a specific target market. These include:

  • Wear a uniform: Get some shirts made up that have your business name and phone number listed, and wear them when you’re out and about on the job.
  • Advertise to neighbors of your existing customers: there’s no need to go door-to-door or be an aggressive salesman to your clientele’s neighbors, but saying hello and casually offering your services to neighbors when you see them is a great way to gain more customers in areas you’re already working.
  • Work on weekends: Weekend work is a great way to advertise because everyone in the neighborhood can actively see you working! If you’re making your client’s lawn the best in the neighborhood on their schedule, chances are, some of their neighbors will also want your services.


By far the best way to get new lawn care customers is by signing up to be a LawnGuru provider. LawnGuru is free to join and offers plenty of tools that will help your lawn care business flourish. With LawnGuru, you will always be made available to potential customers. Instead of putting all your time, effort, and money into advertising ideas, or trying to get others to spread the word about your business, LawnGuru lets new customers know that you are ready to go!

In addition to fast payments and daily job requests, LawnGuru’s app allows you to add your existing customers while controlling the locations of new job requests. Now, your customers can also benefit from all the features LawnGuru has to offer. You can book additional jobs that fit into your existing schedule and routes, which means more jobs in the neighborhoods that you’re already working in! Don’t hesitate,


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How To Market Snow Plow Services

How To Market Your Snow Plowing Business

Unlike lawn season, snow season is time sensitive. Having a couple extra inches of green in the summer can be an eyesore, but having a few extra inches of snow in the winter can be the difference between going to work or working from home.


=&0=& your snow plowing business is completely different from marketing a lawn mowing business.

Snow Plowing Business vs. Lawn Mowing Business:

  1. Snow season is shorter than mow season.
  2. Snow doesn’t exactly fall at the same rate that grass grows.
  3. Snow services often take place at odd hours to ensure that customers’ driveways are clear by morning.
  4. Snow service is urgent and time sensitive, so the service window is much shorter.

Tips On Successfully Marketing A Snow Plowing


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Best Tips On How To Make Money Mowing Lawns

Best Tips On How To Make Money Mowing Lawns

If you are a lawn care provider wondering how to make money mowing lawns, you’ve come to the right place. When customers hire a lawn care professional, they want to make sure they are hiring the right one. If you want to grow your business in order to make money mowing lawns, it’s important to differentiate yourself from others. The best way to get lawn care customers is to show them how much of an expert and professional you truly are.

We’ve talked about ways to advertise yourself to attract business, but that’s to let people know you exist. After you let people know you’re available, the answer to how to make money mowing lawns is to maintain the clients you’ve earned! So what is truly the best way to keep your customers coming back? By far the best way is to become a provider on LawnGuru where we handle customer follow-ups and payment methods! Keep reading for more advice on how to make money mowing lawns. 

How To Make Money Mowing Lawns


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