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Lawn Mowing & The Science Behind It

Professional Lawn Care & The Science Behind It

Before modern and professional lawn care, people relied on cows, goats, and other grazing livestock to trim the grass. We’ve come a long way in lawn care, haven’t we? Nowadays, though, lawn mowing isn’t as simple as just cutting grass, dumping fertilizer over your lawn, and calling it a day. Lawn care providers are called professionals for a reason!


Lawn mowing goes far behind aesthetics, in fact, there is actually some scientific reasoning for maintaining your lawn. Any lawn care professional will tell you it’s not just about having the best looking house on the block. Lawns are natural air and water filters, which help clean up our environment. According to the Lawn Institute, lawns in the United States annually trap an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt from the air! A lawn that has a healthy root system will also fight off weeds, pests, and disease from drought or heat stress.

In order to keep benefitting from our lawns, there are quite a few things lawn mowing professionals and homeowners should keep in mind every day.

Professional Lawn Care As A Science



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How & Why You Should Winterize Your Sprinkler System

How & Why You Should Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Maybe you’ve heard about winterizing your sprinkler system before and how it’s an important step when it comes to maintaining your system, but do you know how and why you should winterize your sprinkler system? Keep reading to learn!

Homeowners must properly prepare their yard before the cold weather hits! This way, the yard will remain as attractive as possible for the cold season and will be ready to flourish once the weather warms again. One of the most important tasks to undertake is sprinkler winterization. In this post, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about sprinkler winterization, but if you’d rather cut to the chase and have a professional take over, contact LawnGuru!

Why Sprinkler Winterization

Bears prepare for the winter by eating lots of food before their seasonal slumber, but for us humans, the task is a bit more work. Sprinkler Winterization is important because it will prevent frozen pipes and bursting valves. Our sprinklers take such good care of our lawns during the spring and summer months. We need to prepare them for proper hibernation so that they can continue their jobs the following year!

Use Google to search for a frost line map to be sure of whether or not the ground in your neighborhood gets cold enough to freeze pipes. If there’s any question at all, it’s a good idea to go ahead and winterize your sprinklers. Better to be safe than sorry!

How to Winterize Your Sprinkler


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