FAQ With LawnGuru: "Wait, did you clear my driveway?"

FAQ With LawnGuru: “Wait, did you clear my driveway?”

As a lawn care customer, it’s likely that you’ll have questions about the lawn care services you receive. Even more likely, you’ll have the same questions as other homeowners who receive professional lawn care. Keeping that in mind, LawnGuru is here to answer the customer questions we hear from both our customers and service providers!

In wake of the cold-weather season, the first FAQ we’re answering is about snow plow services.

The Question: “Did you actually clear my driveway?”

So, you ordered a snow plow and then woke up to find snowy residue still visible on your driveway?

Snow plowing is a necessity if you live in a state blessed by the beauty of winter. However, it can be a bit of a pain to get up early just to do manual labor in the blistering cold. Hiring a plowing service is the most efficient way to save time and catch some extra Zzz’s. Something to keep in mind is that when you wake up the morning after your driveway has been plowed, there may still be snow on the surface.

Clearing snow doesn’t necessarily mean that your driveway will be completely clean post-service.

When your driveway is professionally plowed, hard pack snow is likely what will be left behind. Hard pack is dense, compacted snow that results from snow melting and refreezing. Hard pack can also be caused by an accumulation of snow piling up in a particular area.

When professionals come to clear the driveway, they use their plow to back drag your driveway and remove the snow, allowing you—and your vehicle—to leave your driveway! In order to do this at a reasonable cost to customers, plowing services generally include the use of a plow truck, a snow blower, shovels or a combination of the three. The good news: visible, hard pack snow can be easily driven over because it’s packed down so densely that it emulates a hard surface.

What does it all mean?

Hard pack still allows you to leave the driveway and clears the excess snow onto another portion of the serviced area so that you aren’t stuck working from home every time there’s a snowstorm.

To eliminate hard pack entirely, you may want to consider installing a radiant heat system to completely melt away all snow and ice. A more affordable option for customers would be adding salt to your driveway! Remember, salt doesn’t activate when the weather drops below 15℉ so be sure to take that into consideration when you are taking care of your property!

If you want to make the process painless…

The plow, the salt, and the peace of mind can all be found when you call LawnGuru. Instead of throwing your back out, throw your butt back into bed and leave it to the pros!