Provider Add-Client Feature

LawnGuru is built by providers for providers which is how we try to spot and prevent problems. We share the same problems so it only follows that we should share the same solutions.

When Skye and Brandon were their own two man crew, they never wanted to decline sales for services that were outside their box and hated tracking down past-due invoices in order to get paid.  Read more

20 / 70 / 10 Overview

Overview: 20 / 70 / 10 Ranking System

20/70/10 is how we view our business, customers & providers. We borrowed this thinking from Jack Welch of GE fame, and it’s essentially Pareto’s principle on steroids. It has proven itself over and over again as an effective way to break up and understand all our users. Read more

2019 Overgrowth Policy Update

Why Make A Change?

Overgrowth was built into our app from the beginning when we were only offering on-demand cuts to customers and had to protect providers from abuse or wasted time (money).

Over the course of 2017 and 2018 mowing seasons, we realized we’d lost more than two thousand recurring customers after an overgrowth charge. TWO THOUSAND!  Read more

The Best Lawn Care Provider in Brighton, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This February, it’s Jason P. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Brighton, Hartland, Highland, Howell, Milford
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 201 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.90 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2018

This fire fighting, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu training, all-around outdoorsmen earned MVP Guru status and just so happens to be a top lawn care provider in the Brighton area. Read more

The Best Lawn Service in Livonia, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This December, it’s Mark W. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Garden City, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, Westland
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,165 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: January 2018

Being a business owner can be difficult, it’s a rocky road full of trials and tribulations- trust us, we get it! But no one handles these challenges with as much grace as our Pro of the Month, Mark. By proactively reaching out withLawnGuru lawn service provider in Livonia, Michigan live ETA updates, or replying to those seeking landscaping advice from an expert, Mark’s always eager to chat with his customers. Read more

The Best Lawn Care in South Lyon, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This November, it’s Ronnie C. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Brighton, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 3,114 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.98 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: May 2015

All of our providers are extremely skilled, yet Ronnie sets himself apart for Lake Como, Italy photohow uniquely multi-faceted he is. Read more

The Top Landscaping Company in South Lyon, Michigan

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This October, it’s Brad A. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: Hamburg, Northville, New Hudson, South Lyon, Wixom
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,604 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.94 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2015

Brad was one of the first service providers on-boarded when the LawnGuruMichigan Insurance Agent app launched in 2015. This is back when the app was solely for ordering on-demand cuts; no options for snow service, shrub trimming, yard clean ups or even recurring lawn service, so as you can imagine, a lot has changed! But one thing has remained constant, and that’s the relationship we’ve grown and maintained with our rockstar pro, Brad! Read more

The Best Lawn Mowing Service in Snellville, GA

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This September, it’s Jeremy C. in Atlanta!

📍 Service Area: Dacula, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Snellville
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 342 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.90 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: June 2017

Jeremy sets the bar high across Atlanta, leading the charge by delivering quick & quality service.  Whether it’s lawn mowing or shrub trimming, leaf cleanup or pressure washing – if you name it, Jeremy can do it.  It’s no wonder he’s our most requested Provider across our southern territories.

It may come as a surprise that Jeremy started his career in the automotive world, at a company that employs thousands. He had a voice amongst those he managed, however his innovative ideas for efficiency were rarely heard.

Jeremy & Kellee's Wedding

Jeremy decided to step out on his own and utilize his skills in management, communication, and service.

He detailed his experience with property preservation; the properties being in poor, run down conditions,  pre determined pricing and depending on the severity of the property the rates were consistently underpriced. These types of laborers deserve a ton of credit, performing strenuous physical labor while getting close to nothing for the quality and quantity of work provided.

“Property Preservation was very difficult and when I couldn’t scale it in a way that made sense to me, I came to the realization that I didn’t own a business, my business owned me, it was depressing”

It was at this point that Jeremy was ready to throw in the towel and venture into something else.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to channel inspiration and this was certainly the case. Read more

The Top Lawn Maintenance Provider in South Lyon, MI

Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This July, it’s David J. in Detroit!

📍 Service Area: New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Wixom
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,236 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.97 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: December 2017

We’re proud to work with the toughest, most hard working guys in the industry. Being a father and owner of multiple businesses, David is really doing it all. We can vouch for him in saying his life is far from dull.

David began his foray into small business with his property management company that focuses on renting out multi-family homes and apartments throughout the Metro Detroit area. Managing properties led David to discovering LawnGuru.

Having started the company 12 years ago with one rental purchase in Madison Heights, David and his partner have worked tirelessly to build this business.

To date, they own and manage 32 rentals, and take care of everything from maintenance to book keeping.

Part of his responsibilities are lawn care and snow removal for his tenants. He figured if he was already out mowing and clearing snow at his rentals, why not pick up some extra work using the app to fill in the little bit of free time he had while maximizing profit.

In December 2017 David accepted his first LawnGuru service request and has completed 570 jobs using the app to date.


There are those people that live to work and David is truly one of them. He’s constantly filling the empty gaps in his day with work related activities to ensure he’s met the needs of the customers he works with and for along with lending a hand to help family, friends and neighbors with favors.

It wasn’t long after he began using LawnGuru when he realized how much money there was to be made, and fully committed to making the platform a component of his income.

David invested in his new landscaping business venture by purchasing upwards of $20k in equipment. From mowers and string trimmers, to blowers and edgers; David made sure his mow trailer was stacked with top of the line equipment.

Upgrading his arsenal to take on more jobs, and complete his route was important to him. David doesn’t settle for mediocrity in any aspect of his life. He’s a go getter and we’re proud he’s part of the LawnGuru family.


What David Loves About LawnGuru

“It’s user friendly! Since Pros see a different view than customers, I wanted to know how the app looked on the customer facing side so I added myself as a customer, walked through it and thought it was great. I love how it sends the text updates letting customers know when I’m on my way and and how clear the lawn markings are in the app to help me identify property lines especially when it’s my first time out to a customers house. It’s so easy to use.” Read more