We had an epiphany this year which we believe is a game-changer for you. Seriously.

In the near-term this is going to put out fires for your business. In the future it will allow you to represent your business as all-capable and unlock revenues you aren’t able to capture today.

If you’re planning a vacation, have a personal emergency, or equipment issues you can make sure your non-LawnGuru customers are taken care of by fellow LawnGuru Pros.


By extending our seamless link to encompass provider to provider cooperation, you’ll be able to ensure your customers are always serviced. Individually we accomplish a lot, but with this ability to work together we’re all big, fast and flexible. This is in its infancy but validated from our experience as providers and what we all see in industry Facebook groups.

This is version 1.0 and 1.1 is already on the way. For now, we’re calling this “Provider 911”

How it works:

  1. You opt-in (email support@lawnguru.co)
  2. You give us your customer addresses and the price you can pay for each (ie: you charge $40, you can pay $35). We store this on file so you’ve got your math pre-baked ready for emergencies (or spontaneous trips!)
  3. We map the properties, put your payment on file, and keep them ready for you
  4. Shit happens or you decide to take a break, you text the DEDICATED PROVIDER 911 NUMBER (734-707-9594) the addresses to activate at the prices you set.
  5. We activate those jobs immediately and place them into the marketplace for you
    1. Conversely, you can now pick up jobs and help out your fellow providers
    2. We are taking nothing on these, just credit card processing fees. Yep. We’ve got you.
    3. The price you choose is important, make sure you’re paying enough to get the jobs filled but not losing money.

We’ll put out a lot more about this in the weeks to come. We are already working on a version 1.1 that carries this provider to provider thinking to the moon.

If you’re looking to take a vacation or be able to ensure your customers are serviced profitably. If something ever goes wrong, then Provider 911 is the solution you didn’t know you needed.