Edward Scissorhands killing weeds
If only it was this easy.

Are weeds a pain in your grA$$?

Killing weeds on your lawn can be quite the hassle. Be honest, when was the last time you really got down and dirty with your yard?

Completely removing weeds is far more difficult than it may sound. If you don’t dig deep enough to the root, they can spread everywhere and take over your lawn.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Killing Weeds:

1) Not Wearing Proper Protection

Gloves are the most important precaution to take when weeding. It’s easy to miss hidden spikes or poisonous plants, so take your safety seriously!

Using protective gear is also crucial when spraying herbicides. If it’s hot outside, it can be especially tempting to wear your speedo and sandals when killing weeds, but most herbicides are harmful to lungs, skin, and eyes. So… cover your mouth and any exposed skin!

Pro tip: Stay safe & hire a Pro

Strong roots in ground.
How the roots feel sometimes.

2) Missing the Roots

Just like a terrible hair cut, missing the roots can be extremely disappointing. Trimming weeds back with a weed whip will leave roots behind that will surely grow back in just a few days.

Digging weeds out completely is the only way to truly prevent them from returning, This can be long and tedious. Luckily, our Pros are here to take care of your weeds for you!

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3) Ignoring the Herbicide Labels

We all like to think we can get by without reading directions, but when it comes to killing weeds it’s always worth it to sit down and read the directions beforehand.

The label will include key information like the ideal temperature for spraying, and whether it’s pet-safe or not!

Pro tip: Avoid Glyphosate it’s bad for your health.

Man fertilizing lawn.
Leave it to the Pros!

4) Spraying Herbicides Everywhere

It may seem like a good idea to blast the entire yard with an herbicide, and while this will unquestionably help with killing weeds, it can also kill your grass, flowers, and plants.

Specialized herbicides designed to only harm certain plants can help, but hiring a Pro is the safest way to keep your lawn healthy.

5) Leaving Seeds Behind

Pulling weeds out by their roots and covering them with weedkiller will only work if they have already sprouted. Don’t forget about the thousands of tiny seeds buried in the ground waiting to grow!

Pre-emergent herbicide can prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

Pro tip: These are most effective in the spring or fall.

Dandelion leaving seeds.
Seeds left behind.

Never wait too long to tackle weeds in your yard. Our LawnGuru Pros are on standby to keep your yard looking fresh!

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