In the age of the internet, everyone is an expert. Social media, magazine articles, and DIY forums can inspire homeowners to achieve the perfect lawn. However, just like a doctor’s input is often more accurate and helpful than self-diagnosing with WebMD, sometimes it’s best to consult a lawn care professional. After all, your lawn is one of the first things people see, and we all know how important first impressions are.

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Here’s What Your Lawn Care Providers Wish They Could Tell You


1. Make a list of your expectations

Two-way communication is important in any business relationship in order to avoid problems, and the best results arise from thorough communication. If you have been unsatisfied with past lawn care providers, or want to prioritize certain areas of your lawn, let your lawn care provider know! When you are proactive in communication, it allows your lawn care provider to offer more personalized services that best fit your needs, which means you’ll be a lot happier with your service.

2. Keep your provider updated on necessary schedule changes

It’s important for lawn care providers to inform their customers if something was left unfinished, and to follow up on major lawn issues. In the same way, it’s important for providers to receive proper notice of cancellations so they can plan accordingly. Lawn care providers pre-route their schedules to make sure they have enough time to take care of your lawn, as well as all of their other clients’ lawns. This often includes paying their crew beforehand or counting your lawn job when estimating weekly revenue. If you don’t need a cut, give your lawn care provider a 24-hour notice so they can service other customers and update their schedule. Like being stood up when you have a date scheduled, no one likes unexpected cancellations!

3. Lawn maintenance should be routine

Think of lawn care like you think of dental care. Brushing too vigorously can hurt your gums, but if we only brushed or flossed a few times per year, we would end up with expensive problems that need to be solved later on. Balance is key. Yard maintenance is no different—your lawn should be cut regularly and tended to, but not too little or too often.

Lawn care providers are happy to help you create a regular maintenance schedule to keep your yard under control. A lawn care professional with integrity may turn down cutting a lawn that doesn’t need it yet. On the other hand, a pro knows that a neglected lawn takes more time and effort to repair. For example, grass should never be cut more than a third of its length at a time. If a lawn is too tall, it will take a lawn care professional several visits to safely return it to good condition!

Depending on the situation, a lawn left alone for too long may also require lawn care providers to use special equipment. All these factors can make jobs longer and more difficult for providers, which can also make it more expensive for customers. Avoid the headaches by signing up for a regular lawn care routine!

4. Help out by cleaning up after your pets

Have you ever walked down the street and accidentally stepped in dog droppings? Even after you wipe it off the bottom of your shoe, the smell stays with you all day. We know that it’s natural for our pets to do their business outside, but it makes the job of caring for your lawn more tedious and time-consuming. Your lawn care provider will have to take the time to clean pet waste off their equipment so they can avoid dragging pet waste on their other clients’ lawns and potentially transferring dangerous bacteria to other customers’ pets. 

5. LawnGuru makes it easy for everyone!

LawnGuru offers a more efficient process for everyone when it comes to providing and receiving lawn care. We know it can be difficult to sift through all the different lawn care providers available in a community. It can be time-consuming to make calls, see who knows what they’re doing and who is trustworthy. LawnGuru providers are always vetted beforehand, and other homeowners are able to rate and recommend each provider. That way you don’t have to sift through endless reviews to find the best one—it’s just taken care of!

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Not to mention, the LawnGuru app offers great tools that streamline the communication process between customers and lawn care providers, such as the lawn tracing application, progress tracking text messages, and a simple payment system. It’s easy to order, skip, or pause lawn care services, all with the push of a button on your smartphone. Do it the easy way: sign up and try out LawnGuru today!