There are certain expectations a customer has when hiring a lawn company.

Hiring a lawn and snow service is a luxury, if customers are paying a pretty penny to have their property professionally maintained they’ll likely want some customer service, too.

As a provider, it’s best practice to make sure you create a checklist outside of the services they ordered. This ensures that they are not only pleased with the quality, but the experience as a whole. Keep in mind that a lot of business comes from referrals and every new customer is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial experience. 

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Communication should always be a top priority, whether it’s a delay or equipment malfunction, customers expect to be kept up to date on the status of their service.

If you’re unable to make it on the service day, your customer should be updated with as much notice as possible. For instances such as weather delays, when the grass is just too wet to mow, customers are often understanding. No one wants to endure long-lasting lawn damage just to have their grass cut.

For issues like equipment malfunction, family emergencies, or the like, make sure you notify your customer ASAP. This way they have time to supplement your services if needed and feel the respect of being kept up to speed with their service.

Leaving Gates Open

Whether or not the gate has been closed after service shows the customer your commitment to details. Dog owners can all agree that leaving the gate open is taboo. We all know that pets are part of the family and we want to show customers that we respect and prioritize the safety of their furry friends. Always latch gates after servicing your customers, that’s common courtesy!

We strive to ensure customers know they’re in good hands when we are servicing them.

Customers hire based on trust. It’s important to provide peace of mind so your customers are confident in leaving their lawn in your care for the duration of their service. This level of trust may even be why some feel comfortable enough to leave their gate open in the first place! Leaving their gate open after completing the job to let anyone access the property tells the customer that you are doing thoughtless work. Don’t drive them to seek service elsewhere! 

Respect is not only how you treat the customer, but also in how you treat their home. If you want to maintain a good reputation, leave their property better than how you found it; with closed gates and slick lawn stripes.

Not Answering Calls

Contact information is given for a reason! A good business prioritizes communication, so be sure to keep in contact with your clients and return their calls.

Customer service aside, the customer could be calling about lawn specifics, extra services, or changing the service date. Be sure to return calls and texts in a timely fashion – you never know how it can impact your route schedule.

Part of the appeal of contracting work to a small business is the attention to detail and the quality customer service. Customers are investing in their lawn, your business, and your reputation. In order to get the free marketing that comes from positive word of mouth, treat your customers time like it’s as valuable as your own. 

Set Your Company Apart

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, LawnGuru may be just the tool you’re looking for. The LawnGuru app helps you easily communicate with your customers regarding unexpected service delays, guarantees payment so you don’t have to focus on invoicing, and can focus on the fine details your lawns require, like remembering to close gates –  but better yet, just for joining you also get your own customer support team that handles all customer queries for you. Sign up with LawnGuru today!

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