Each month we recognize a standout provider who has demonstrated excellence across the board. This June, it’s William and Jaime P. in Philly!

📍 Service Area: Cherry Hill, Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Springfield,
✔️ Background Checked
🌿 1,230 Jobs Completed
⭐ 4.89 Customer Rating
📅 Joined LawnGuru: April 2017

We think all of our providers are pretty incredible, and completely badass but this power couple might just take the cake. William and Jaime are devoted parents and two of the most industrious lawn care providers in Philadelphia we have. Since Jaime manages their operation, we want to take a moment to highlight her as she’s a true super woman.Three Childrens Smiling

Running a business while juggling her kids’ schedules and still managing to have family dinner each night is a breeze if you’re Jaime. She goes so far to ensure her customers are taken care of by jumping right on her route to keep schedule even after receiving a round of chemo. Did we mention nothing stands in her way? 

She’s a warrior, a fighter and it just so happens cancer picked a fight with the wrong chick.   

While William has been a loyal part of the Amtrak team for years, the two thought they’d additionally like to go into business together, with Jaime as the crew lead and continue growing the once “side hustle” that put her through school.Husband and wife, owner of Philadelphia lawn care company

With a keen understanding of marketing, the two decided to get some signage made and advertise for their lawn service.

The response was overwhelmingly positive as the neighborhoods they plastered became fascinated with the idea of a female run lawn care company in Philadelphia. It goes without saying, things started moving quickly, and each week they acquired more and more customers.

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Teamwork Ya’ll

William and Jaime are naturals. They leave lawns perfectly manicured and connect with customers to understand their special requests when it comes William and Jaimeto their yard.

They’ve built up quite a reputation which has allowed them to drive their business from part time to a full service snow removal and lawn care operation in Philadelphia.

They know their customers personally and are acutely aware to work the route around nap times for families with small children; truly taking every detail into account to deliver the best service top to bottom.

They Had us at Hello.

It took five years of acquiring customers, and accruing a full line of Lawn care provider holding weed whip on Philadelphia front lanwcommercial grade equipment to set a solid foundation for their company. Ready to take their operation to the next level, they integrated the LawnGuru app into their business for expansion purposes in 2017.

The two define teamwork. Jaime kicks off the mow route each morning, while William heads to Amtrak and meets up with her in the afternoon to finish out the day.


Being Amazing is Hard Work.

William & Jaime are our go-to Philly Pros, lending a hand to LawnGuru Freshly cut lawn in Philadelphiacustomers in need of cuts on the fly before parties or home showings.

Our Pros inspire us every day with their dedication, work ethic, and professionalism. What tickles us is the appreciation they get from our customers.

William “One of the most memorable experiences was around last Christmas when we did a cleanup for a LawnGuru customer. We had been servicing them all season and when we pulled up there was a card wrapped around a tree with a big red bow that read ‘William & Jaime.’ “The $500 gift card was certainly a bonus but the gesture is what really touched us,” William said.

What they Love About LawnGuru:

These two are avid users of the “Add Client” feature on LawnGuru, allowing them to simplify their business. The feature lets them freely add new & existing customers to the LawnGuru platform, including personal lawn mowing in Philadelphiacustomers not acquired through the app. Like many of our providers, William & Jaime like the convenience of managing all their customers and invoicing in one place.

They love being able to provide their personal customers the benefit of the LawnGuru app; like in app communication tools through messaging, live order tracking, and automatic payment options.

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