Has your provider ever recommended double cutting your lawn? Double cutting happens when a lawn needs to be cut twice—sometimes in the same session—or maybe a couple of days after a mow. It takes extra time and can be more of an expense than a regular cut, so the big question is… is it worth it?

When To Double Cut Your Lawn

For A Cleaner Cut

Double cutting can help give your lawn a cleaner and higher quality cut. If your grass has grown just a little bit too tall, mowing once—even if you’re following the one-third rule—can rip the blades of grass and cause damage to your lawn. Unless you’re using very sharp blades in your mower, double cutting may be a better option when it comes to lessening the stress on your turfgrass.

For a cleaner cut across your lawn, raise your deck height for the first round of mowing. After that, mow your lawn the second time with your blade lowered to the desired final height.

When Your Grass Is Too Long

If your grass is too long and you’re unable to mow in one session you may need to double cut your lawn in separate sessions, according to the one-third rule. It’s important not to cut too much of your grass at once or else it can damage your lawn and inhibit the growth of your grass’ roots. Never cut more than a third of your grass’ length in one session or day. It is best to wait at least a day or two between mowings.

Start with a tall height setting that is appropriate—depending on how long your grass has grown—making sure to adhere to the one-third rule. Afterward, lower the setting each time you mow again until your lawn is at its desired height. When your lawn is back at its optimal length, you can continue on with a more routine maintenance schedule.

To Spread Leftover Clippings

Double cutting your lawn can be a good option for aesthetic purposes, as well as grasscycling your leftover clippings. This can be especially beneficial for your lawn for the first spring mow. Double cutting at the beginning of spring and spreading the clippings as mulch can help shade your lawn to protect it from weeds. Doing so can also revitalize your lawn’s nutrients after being dormant during the winter.

To double cut your clippings, mow your lawn at the desired length first. Then, raise your mower height setting up a notch before going back to mow over the clippings. This will spread them as mulch.

For The Best Lawn On The Block

Double cutting can be used to create a certain aesthetic across your lawn. You can mow your lawn with stripes, diagonal lines, or even mow in a checkerboard pattern. This is common for commercial properties or golf courses, and some homeowners like having a pristine appearance for curb appeal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving the look, but it does require extra time, effort, and cash. Double cutting your lawn is worth it if your grass is too long or if you need to spread the clippings. However, when it comes to double cutting your lawn purely for presentation purposes? Well, that’s up to you!

Let LawnGuru Help!

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