LawnGuru is built by providers for providers which is how we try to spot and prevent problems. We share the same problems so it only follows that we should share the same solutions.

When Skye and Brandon were their own two man crew, they never wanted to decline sales for services that were outside their box and hated tracking down past-due invoices in order to get paid. 

Provider Add-Client is the solution to these headaches, allowing you to sell anything and ensure problem customers pay on time every time. Also, it’s free. We don’t take a dime, you just pay the same credit card processing fees we do.

Get Rid of Past-Due Invoices

Tracking down late payments sucks – you are working to get paid on work you already provided. We all have that customer, who for whatever reason is constantly in arrears.

Put an end to that streak. Forever.

Put them on Provider Add-Client.

That way, you can use the app to ensure funds are available and you’re paid after completing each job. Boom!

Sell More Services

When customers want something you can’t provide or would throw-off your routes, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Not anymore.

Now you can sell anything offered through LawnGuru to your own customers. Using Provider Add-Client, you can give them access to our entire suite of services presented as if they were your own.

This way, you can get their service needs filled profitably and give them intuitive platform to up-sell themselves. If a customer requests services in the app, it routes to you and only you. If you can’t or don’t want to fulfill it, you have the ability to set a price and shop it out to your fellow pros.

Now you’re the all-encompassing one-stop shop without having to invest in additional equipment or crew members. This literally is bolt-on capability that costs you only credit card processing fees on sales that are completed. Boomx2!

How Do I Use Provider Add-Client?

It’s built right into your Provider Mobile app, just navigate to Pro Add Client and set up your customers to get rid of past due collections and start up-selling your customers.

 Important Detail: Your Customers Are YOURs

Your clients are YOUR CLIENTS. We will never violate that relationship. Ever. Just as we expect you not to take your LawnGuru generated customers off LawnGuru, we will honor the inverse. We’re stronger together, and LawnGuru is built on the mutual trust of our partnership.