What people like least about winter is the feeling of being cold. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re working or playing outside; it’s important to have the gear to keep your body warm and your enjoyment high! The biggest challenge outdoor workers face when it comes to finding the best winter work gloves is ensuring they keep their hands warm while improving functionality and dexterity. We’ve put together a list of the best winter work gloves in 2022 that keep your hands toasty and provide increased mobility to get the job done efficiently.

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What to consider when shopping for the best winter work gloves

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Touch Screen Compatability

Well's Lamont Deerskin Winter Work Gloves

This glove is designed with layers layers sure to keep your hands warm! The outermost layer of deerskin leather is soft, flexible, and is a natural insulator, making it an excellent choice for cold weather. Because of the flexibility, there’s hardly any restriction in movement, and allows you to complete tasks just as you would glove-less. This glove has a classic appealing look, with waterproofing capabilities to keep your hands warm all day long. The next layer is Thinsulate which helps retain body heat. Lastly, the glove is finished with a comfortable inner fleece lining. This glove comes in limited sizes on Amazon, however, you can order directly from Wells Lamont to find your exact size.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Flexibility, touch screen capability, and shrink resistance are all details that come to mind when considering purchasing the Handyman Flex Gloves by CLC. Did I mention the price point? These winter work gloves are about. as budget-friendly as they come! They’re form-fitted for added dexterity and reduced fatigue. This dynamically styled glove is as tough as they come with padded knuckles. The soft synthetic leather palm allows for increased comfort suitable for a long day’s worth of work. The only downfall is they aren’t actually waterproof so a cold wet day is not this gloves best friend. They are ideal however for working out in the garage or outdoors on cold, dry days!

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Who doesn’t think of Carhartt when it comes to tackling the rugged outdoors? These are some of the best winter work gloves with a durable outer shell making them 100% waterproof. The theory behind the design was to do whatever was needed to keep the elements out, and Carhartt nailed it. The fast dry fleece interior swats away sweat when work starts to amp up. Every pro knows how important it is to keep your hands dry whether operating a snow blower, shoveling, or working on your car! Carhartt is bringing you the glove that’s designed to outperform them all. This winter work glove comes in a variety of colors and sizes too!

Mechanix Wear Wind Resistant Winter Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves may have the highest dexterity rating out of all the gloves on this list. If you work outdoors and you use your hands a lot; think mechanics, machinists, and landscapers, this is the glove for you! It’s tried and true and keeps your hands extremely warm without the bulk. The touch screen allows you to communicate with clients or co-workers while on the job without losing the heat trapped within the gloves. The rubber grip prevents critical slips. It’s in the name of the brand, Mechanix. These are some of the best winter work gloves for a number of tradesmen and women!

G & F Products Waterproof Winter Work Gloves

If you’ve been searching for an all-around glove that’s able to stand up to water, below freezing temperatures and every day use, you’ve found your match with G & F Products Waterproof Winter Work Gloves. The double coating technology helps lock in heat while not only waterproofing the glove but also windproofing it. This glove passes the test with flying colors when it comes to keeping your hands dry and warm. They’re one of the best winter work gloves on the market because of their industry-leading high-dexterity rating. Lifting, driving, shoveling, and other outdoor tasks are simple with these winter work gloves. Did I mention these gloves will keep your hands cold in temps as low as -58°? If you live in a northern, snowy climate and work outside, these are the gloves for you!