We get it, you’re at your wit’s end and your dog’s pee is downright pi$$ing you off. Chin up, these lawn care tips for treating dog urine on grass are made for you!

We all love our furry friends, but none of us are fans of the aftermath that comes with their ‘doggie business.’ Your dog sees your yard as their personal playground, but dog urine on your lawn can cause damaged or dead grass patches that can make lawn care difficult.

Here are our top 4 lawn care tips for that doggone lawn damage.

1) Water Your Lawn

After your dog has gone to the bathroom, watering that portion of the lawn for a few minutes can truly make all the difference.

Water dilutes the nitrogen in urine and helps grass retain its green color. This also means; the more water your dog drinks, the more diluted its urine, and the nitrogen in it will be!

2) Seed Your Lawn

Dogs love fresh grass; they just don’t understand how to keep it looking nice. Fertilizing every 4-6 weeks helps to keep grass healthier and green.

We may not be able to control where your dog potties, but we sure can help nurse your lawn back to health after the fact! We offer over-seeding to fill in bare spots and rejuvenate overall thickness, bringing out that lush, green lawn we know you love.

Pro tip: Use pet-friendly products and avoid those that contain nitrogen; they could end up making brown spots worse!

3) Designate Potty Areas

Teaching your dog to pee in the same general area will help cut down on the number of damaged lawn spots resulting from dog urine on grass.

The best way to teach your dog where to go, is to lead them to the same spot every day and reward them with a treat when they are done! This way, our Pros can easily fix any patches down the road.

4) Strengthen Your Lawn

In addition to fertilizing and seeding, having Pros care for your lawn by mowing regularly, aerating, and removing weeds or dead grass can have a huge impact on how it holds up to dog damage.

Hardy grass is better at combating nitrogen. Besides, the healthier your lawn is, the more resilient to damage it will be.

Pro Tip: Durable grass holds up against “ruff” play preventing against mud or grass stains on your pup!

Letting your dogs pi$$ turn your lawn to $h*# is never the answer. Every homeowner’s wish is to have a beautiful, lush, green lawn, so don’t let being a pooch parent stand in your way!

📣 Shoutout to all the customers who clean up after their pups before our Pros mow the lawn!

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