Over the years, we’ve really refined how we handle overgrowth so we balance the wants and needs of customers and providers. We’re really proud of how we’ve mitigated problems for some of the craziest lawns.

This has nothing to do with that.

These are 50 of the best (worst) overgrown lawns we’ve had submitted by Pros where the customer chose the ordinary, up to 6 inches, grass height.

We’re still laughing, but we’re not sure if that’s because of the misrepresentation or coping with all the time lost on our routes that day!

1. Note: lawn was just cut last week

2. When weeds & power lines meet

3. Keep out; aggressive weeds

4. A horses dream

5. Hey! We do have a patio afterall

6. Sometimes we do math

7. More math

8. Can you see the snake hiding?

9. GEO-metry

10. Reigning hide & seek world champion actually lives here

11. Preserved Wild Prairie? No. Actual yard in Ann Arbor, MI? Yes!

12. On the path to success

13. OUTstanding in the field

14. Long grass? Fake news!

15. Just trim the split ends #Rapunzel #secretgarden

16. Esoteric Urban Farming

17. Waking up in the morning when you have curly hair

18. Carol Baskin’s Tiger Play Pen

19. After COVID-19 Returns us to the Carboniferous Period

20. Tall Grass or Short Person?

21. Organic Fence?

22. Just keep mowing. Just keep mowing

23. Previous owner was all-natural

24. Wake up & smell the weeds

25. Boyfriend no mower

26. Lord of the Flies vibes?

27. Uncle Gup cleaned up!

28. Lost their keys in the grass…

29. Post Modern Patchwork

30. Stare long enough and a tumbleweed will pass.

31. Where the sidewalk doesn’t end

32. No way whispy woods!

33. *Puts On Joe Exotic Vision*

34. Grim… need a reaper

35. But wait, there’s mower! Ditch Away also shortens signs & fire hydrants

36. The pet dog is reportedly in there somewhere.

37. It should only be a 1 bagger.

38. Greener Pastures

39. Definitely on the set of Anne of Green Gables

40. Just cut it last week, should take 5 min!

41. We must hide the side door!

42. Has anyone seen my weed whip?

43. Choose your destiny (path)

44. Smooth sailing.

45. The roses balances everything out

46. The type of grass you’d never want to walk barefoot in.

47. #dreamneighbor

48. Not suspicious at all.

49. A Cut Above: GOAT wanted

50. Even the tree is leaning away here

We get it, life gets busy and your grass doesn’t care.

So if your lawn is as inconsiderate as the ones that made this list, we want to help you more than anything!

As a token of good faith, and a big CONGRATULATIONS on making it through the weeds, we’d like to give you $20 off!

Use promo code “ORDERESPONSIBLY” to place your order honestly, so providers can budget their time to ensure a quality cut is delivered and prevent your neighbors from service delays.

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If your belly doesn’t hurt yet, you need more laughs ⬇️