Succeeding at DIY property management as a landlord with 1 to 50 doors is more doable than ever. We realized after talking to so many of our landlords that they viewed these apps as an essential part of their REI team.  

These 6 apps will save you a ton of time and money on property management so you can focus on growing your portfolio.

1. Rentometer

Easily Check Rental Comps & FMV Rent Rates

Description: Rentometer is a great tool for landlords turning over units or evaluating a deal, though it’s primarily intended as a tool for tenants to see how their rent compares to their neighbors. 

Price: Free or Premium

Pros: Super easy to use & remarkably complete data

Cons: Limited on free version to 5 checks per month, unlimited only with premium subscription. There is also no android version so you’ll have to use their website.

Android: No app, go to

Iphone: Download Here

2. RentRedi

Mobile Property Management Platform

Description: One price for unlimited units and amazing almost all-in-one capability. Collect rent, post listings, screen tenants, manage docs, coordinate maintenance, and so much more.

Price: $9-$19/mo.

Pros: Low flat rate pricing, sweeping capabilities.

Cons: The platform can’t physically hand new tenants their keys (yet!). 

Android: Download Here

Iphone: Download Here 

3. Centriq

Appliance & HVAC Maintenance Made Easy

Description: Centriq gives you a simple tool to identify your appliances and to track maintenance so you can easily maximize their service lives. Proper upkeep extends the service life of your big capex items and is crucial to maximizing your long-term returns. 

Price: Free!

Pros: Camera tool lets you identify any appliance immediately; once you’ve identified everything you’ll always have access to guides for maintenance & repairs.

Cons: There’s a bit of learning curve to getting started just because of the broad functionality.

Android: Download Here

Iphone: Download Here

4. TurnoverBnB

Successfully Scale Your STR Portfolio!

Description: TurnoverBnB connects to all your listings across VRBO, Airbnb, Home Exchange etc. so your turnovers are synced to one universal cleaning calender. This is then linked to your existing cleaners and any who’s bids you accept from the marketplace. Every cleaning includes a checklist and photo documentation.

Price: $10/Mo. Per Door + $3.95 Per Cleaning Charge

Pros: You can scale your STR portfolio & lean on a team of cleaners to collectively cover all your turnovers across platforms.

Cons: Getting started takes a one-time investment of time and effort to set up your checklists & get your STR units connected across booking platforms.

Android: Download Here

Iphone: Download Here

5. Color Capture By Benjamin Moore

No More Swatch Trips or Guessing – EVER!

Description: Open-app, point at wall, identify matching paint color. It’s really that easy! You can also use it to find a paint to match any color anywhere that jives with your units’ style. 

Price: Free!

Pros: You can refresh units and preserve the look even if you don’t have the paint codes for what’s on the wall. Once you’ve saved it, you’ve got it recorded when the time comes again.

Cons: It’s accuracy is limited to the quality of your camera and the lighting in your photos and it’s matching is limited to Benjamin Moore shades. On the other hand, if they don’t make it – you’re probably looking at a color that isn’t as broadly appealing as a rental should be.

Android: Download Here

Iphone: Download Here

6. LawnGuru

Automate All Your Lawn, Snow & Outdoor Property Maintenance

Description: Seamlessly manage all your properties outdoor services in one place with LawnGuru. LawnGuru connects your properties with the best lawn and snow service providers, giving you loads of tools to tailor, manage and track services without paying a penny more than you should.

Price: Pay Per Service!

Pros: Transparent competitive pricing for seamless property maintenance. 

Cons: Not yet available nationwide – visit to see if your properties are in our service areas!

Android: Download Here

Iphone: Download Here

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