Lawn & landscaping is not your typical 9-5. Between the driving, heat, and loading/unloading, it’s physically taxing and detailed work that varies from lawn to lawn. Within a typical service, there’s a lot of gray area for lawn care pros – this isn’t about that.

We are sharing 4 crazy awesome examples where our lawn care pros went above and beyond. What I mean is when they decided on that particular day, their job included something most people would think is WAY outside the box.

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1. Exmarks the Spot

James A., one of our top LawnGuru metro-Detroit Providers, caught a would-be-thief trying to steal a package off of his customer’s porch as he pulled up to their property. The audacity!

Rather than doing nothing (property protection isn’t really in the service description), James made a point of confronting the perp and saving the day [read: “package”].

Lady Falling After Stealing Package


It went a little something like this

Afterward, he hid it from view and got back to making Ken’s yard shine. While it isn’t going viral like that glitter bomb package video (go watch it, it’s f$%#ing cool) he technically beat that guy’s efforts. ‘Cause, you know, there was no theft. James has our vote for Batman 2020.

2. Lawn Care Pros Never Get Board

Keith L, another top provider in Metro Detroit, was cleaning up an abandoned property to get it in ship shape for a real estate wholesaler (Costco sells land now?).

While he was there, he noticed the windows on the side of the property had been kicked in and someone was coming in and out.

After confirming no one was inside, he realized the boards he was removing from the property had been piled there for a reason. A quick chat with his customer was all he needed to proceed.

Image result for bob the builder yes he can


Keith (Bob) the Provider (builder)

Using his trusty hammer, natural cunning, and some spare nails he had in his truck, he boarded those windows up. Surely it was worth the unexpected $100 tip from his customer, right?

Make it rain money


Keith was feeling TIPsy

3. Snoked the Snake Den

Houston is a booming-metropolis and boasts a breadth of culture and a rich history. Which is why it’s an amazing place to start a lawn care business.

But it’s also hot. And sticky. And has snakes. Lots of snakes. Large and small.

Image result for big snake Texas


Pictured Above: “Small” Snake In Texas

So it’s no surprise that our Houston pros come across these reptiles from time to time when out on the job. What is surprising is while mowing an overgrown property recently purchased by your customer, you find your mower COMPLETELY surrounded by snakes!

This is exactly where Jim U. found himself. Apparently, in the midst of all this tall grass was a real-deal-holy-feel snake den and he’d driven his mower right on top of it.

Had it been anyone else, this is where the service would’ve stopped. While most of us would have abandoned the mower, it was not a lost cause in this case. #safetyisouroverridingpriority #snakesholdgrudges #donttreadonme

Image result for snoke


Actor recreating Jims expression

Jim didn’t even balk – he actually offers pest control services locally and has a penchant for breeding snakes as a hobby (WTF?!). In other words, this was just another day in the life.

He grabbed his equipment, bagged and bucketed the hold outs and collapsed the den as best he could. In addition, he said it took barely 15 minutes!

After alerting us and the customer, he put their concerns to rest. With the grass cut and the pool getting chemical treatments, the snakes he didn’t catch weren’t likely to stick around.

4. Squatter Squad

In Detroit, there’s a LOT of blight to manage which has given our pros tons of business in helping to tackle this problem. One particular pro though, James A., has found himself on this list. Again.

When tackling a job in a rough area at a property that had just been sold, James’ was confronted by a group of squatters who weren’t keen on his presence.

Homer Being Thrown Out by Old Lawn Care Pro


James to the rescue

Initially, it seemed like things were escalating – the neighbors even gathered to gawk!

Because of the size of the job he committed to, James thankfully had a crew with him and kept a cool head.

Everything stayed calm, and after James coordinated with us, the property owner, and the squatters. Thus, they were able to reach an understanding and the squatters left amicably.

If you have any lawn troubles, then just reach out to our pros. We can help you through any problem, while simultaneously providing you with the best possible landscaping services.

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