Your search for the #1 lawn care company in Gainesville, Georgia is over. LawnGuru reviews hundreds of service providers in the area and is sure to bring you only the best local landscapers to choose from. Consistency, quality, and punctuality are a few metrics on which lawn service providers are measured. These companies offer flexible scheduling including same-day service, and a variety of frequencies so you can have your lawn cut as much or as little as you want. Need something more than lawn mowing? Hire a pro to do a leaf cleanup, aeration, shrub trimming, or even sod installation. No matter the service, these companies consistently rank among the best lawn mowing companies in Gainesville, Georgia. Keeping your yard looking top notch has never been easier!

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How LawnGuru ranks landscapers

We work with hundreds of landscapers across the U.S. servicing thousands of customers each week. We rank our providers on 5 different categories including the number of jobs completed, customer satisfaction, timeliness, quality of service, and communication to come up with the best lawn mowing companies in Gainesville, Georgia. These 5 businesses consistently rank the highest in all categories.

How much does lawn mowing cost in Gainesville, Georgia?

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to the cost of lawn mowing services including the size of the lawn, length of grass, and frequency of service. In general, the larger the lawn, the more expensive it will cost to mow. Most lawn mowing professionals calculate pricing by square footage. The typical price range for lawn mowing in 2023 is $34-$46 per cut! However, the average LawnGuru customer pays around $34.65. It takes a lot to keep a lawn thriving, which is why finding the best lawn mowing company for your yard is crucial.

Compare the best lawn mowing companies near me

Picture of Jody S. of JS Lawn Care

Jody S. of JS Lawn Care

1,246 Jobs Completed on LawnGuru

I've been working with LawnGuru since they launched in the Atlanta area 6 years ago; however I've owned my own company for more than 10 years! Regardless of lawn size, I'll make sure your lawn is striped beautifully and clippings are mulched finely. I edge my customers lawns each service and even recommend other projects like shrub trimming, mulching, weeding or a leaf clean up depending on the time of year. My customers love me because I'm always one step ahead in thinking about their lawn and knowing what's best to keep it green, growing and healthy.

Georgina G.
Georgina G.Gainesville, GA
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Jody did excellent work and was very professional! Don't change a thing!