Professional lawn mowing is a great way to make your yard shine. Whether you’re looking for weekly, bi-weekly, or a one-time cut; the companies listed here offer it all! Finding a reliable and affordable lawn mowing company has never been easier. In addition to lawn mowing, the most popular outdoor services ordered by Trenton, New Jersey homeowners right now are yard cleanups, weeding, mulching, weeding, hedge trimming, and power edging. These 5 companies consistently rank among the best lawn mowing companies in Trenton, New Jersey so you’re in great hands regardless of the service you choose. Have a commercial property? No problem! These local landscapers are some of the best in the field and service both commercial and residential clients. 

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How LawnGuru ranks landscapers

We work with hundreds of landscapers across the U.S. servicing thousands of customers each week. We rank our providers on 5 different categories including customer satisfaction, quality of service, timeliness, the number of jobs completed, and communication to come up with the best lawn mowing companies in Trenton, New Jersey. The 5 businesses listed below consistently rank the highest in all categories.

How much does lawn mowing cost?

There are a handful of factors to consider when it comes to the cost of lawn mowing services including the size of the lawn, frequency of service, and the length of the grass. In general, the larger a lawn, the more it will cost to mow. Most lawn mowing professionals calculate pricing based on square footage. The typical price range for lawn mowing in 2023 is $54.99-$61.59 per cut! However, the average LawnGuru customer pays just $46.74. Even better, most cuts include lawn mowing, weed whipping, blowing, and edging. It takes a lot to keep a lawn in great shape which is why finding the best lawn mowing company for your yard is so important.

Compare the best lawn mowing companies near me

Picture of  Luke O. of BND Mowing

Luke O. of BND Mowing

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BND Mowing offers more than just mowing. We provide a whole realm of quality services including yard clean up, weeding, mulching, hedge trimming, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, aeration and overseeding. Our customers love us because we can provide all the lawn and landscaping services they can dream up and our quality is unmatched. We treat our customers like family and make sure their lawns are always the best looking lawns on the block.

Penelope F.
Penelope F.Broad Street Park, NJ
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Luke pays such close attention to detail, he does the job perfectly every single service. Very pleased with the results. I've already recommended him to my neighbors!