Most homeowners would love to have a perfect lawn without running out of energy or wasting a summer afternoon. We are here to tell you, robot lawn mowers are not the answer to simplifying your lawn care.

Mowing the lawn can be a time-consuming and exhausting chore. While technology advancements have many benefits, often times, robot lawn mowers do more damage than good, both in the industry and the yard.

Robots are Taking Over

robot lawn mowers

Many companies have recently developed new technologies that offer simple, appealing ways to tend to regular home-life needs. Unfortunately, many of these inventions are also replacing human workers.

According to an analysis by Oxford Economics, “up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030.”

If these tech discoveries continue we need to find ways to help displaced workers. We cannot let technology take over.

Lend a Helping Hand

In recent months we have all heard how important it is to “support small.” But this phrase means more than just eating out or buying from a local mom and pop shop. We need to continually support small businesses!

LawnGuru Pros are some of the best landscapers out there. We need your help to make sure robot lawn mowers don’t reduce their chance to make an impact.

The gradual replacement of human operation has brought the machine versus man war right to our homes. Many people are questioning if landscapers are needed.

Technology is Unreliable

Technology is Unreliable

The fact is, robots are not yet advanced enough to completely replace the need for human skills. They can easily malfunction, unlike our Pros who strive to exceed customer expectations each time they pull up to a home.

Robot lawn mowers can get stuck in soft spots on your lawn, run into your fences, or circle the same area over and over again. What if the robot overshoots a turn hitting a wall and causing damage?

Gadgets can be quite impressive these days. But as self-driving car crashes have made painfully clear, self-steering technology is far from perfect.

Investing in an automatic machine with razor-sharp, fast blades that will race around the yard may place wild animals, pets and belongings at risk.

Hire the Best of the Best

The easiest way to guarantee a safe and good cut is to avoid using a robot lawn mower altogether. Besides, we all know just how important those precise stripes are.

Robotic mowers won’t leave you with those perfect satisfying patterns on your lawn or evenly cut grass. Instead, they leave narrow strips of untrimmed grass that will then need to be manually cut using an edge trimmer.

To sum it up, these robots aren’t foolproof. Don’t miss out on the experience of working with a local Pro! Hiring a landscaper allows you to prevent unsupervised mistakes, be specific with your requests, and interact with a dedicated worker.

Hire the Best of the Best Landscaper

So who would you rather trust: a computer in a tiny plastic car, or the nice Pro who helps you prepare for your backyard party by doing their best work?

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