Unlike lawn season, snow season is time sensitive. Having a couple extra inches of green in the summer can be an eyesore, but having a few extra inches of snow in the winter can be the difference between going to work or working from home.


Marketing your snow plowing business is completely different from marketing a lawn mowing business.

Snow Plowing Business vs. Lawn Mowing Business:

  1. Snow season is shorter than mow season.
  2. Snow doesn’t exactly fall at the same rate that grass grows.
  3. Snow services often take place at odd hours to ensure that customers’ driveways are clear by morning.
  4. Snow service is urgent and time sensitive, so the service window is much shorter.

Tips On Successfully Marketing A Snow Plowing Business

Get the Word Out

When summer comes to an end, it’s a good idea to start advertising your other lawn care services to your current customers. Mid-September is the ideal time to market your fall and winter services like cleanups and snow clearing because you will be top of mind when your customers begin to focus on preparing their yard for winter. Using your current customers as a jumping off point for your end of season services will also help you gain traction by word-of-mouth. If your services can transition with the seasons, your customers can use you as a one-stop-shop for all of their outdoor needs. From social media to email/text blasts, or even an old-fashioned phone call, there are many ways to go about informing current and potential customers of your seasonal service offerings.

More Equipment Means More Customers

Make sure you have a variety of equipment so you can offer a variety of services. Not every snow removal job is as simple as a quick back drag with the plow. To achieve a clean exit for the customer, snowblowers and shovels may be required as well! Every customer has varying snow needs, so being prepared with a variety of equipment will allow you to offer multiple services and even gain a larger client base.  

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Like with most things—snow plowing included, timing is everything. That being said, it’s important to get a clear understanding of when your customer wants their snow to be cleared. This can mean that plowing is done before they leave for work in the morning or before they arrive home from work in the evening. The key is to be flexible and understanding. Offer suggestions to your customers that will appeal to their personal needs. It’s easy to have a successful snow plowing business if your current customers are raving about your dedication to good customer service.

Become A LawnGuru Provider

While good marketing is important, ultimately, your customers are looking to make their lives easier. So, now that the cold weather has hit and winter is fast approaching, why not make yourself available at the push of a button? With LawnGuru, you can acquire new customers instantly without spending countless dollars, hours and manpower on marketing. Becoming a LawnGuru provider is a sure way to grow your business and stay focused on snow plowing (revenue producing) time.