When it comes to running your own lawn care business, good lawn care advertising ideas are essential for success. That’s why when you join LawnGuru as a service provider, LawnGuru will handle a lot of your advertising for you! That being said, we also have a few other lawn care advertising ideas to help you land new customers! So, if you’re an expert in lawn care: professional, efficient, and you know what you’re doing. Why are you still having a tough time getting customers? The most important thing is to market to the right people. Let’s discuss some lawn care advertising ideas that will help your business thrive. [su_button url=”https://lawnguru.co/providers?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=join_lawnguru_button&utm_campaign=lawn_care_advertising_ideas” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#99CA3C” size=”20″ center=”yes”]Join LawnGuru[/su_button]

Business Cards

Business cards are a fast and easy way for you to self-promote, and one of the most useful lawn care advertising ideas. You should feel comfortable handing cards out by the dozens! They are cheap, and they’re not helping anybody sitting in the box. Put a few in every restaurant, car wash, grocery store, and dentist in the neighborhood, pin one to every bulletin board in town, and plant one everywhere else you can think of. Maybe you’ll be talking to a friend or a neighbor, and they’ll be complaining about their busy schedule. They might mention a friend who just moved in a half mile away – that means a busy schedule! You should pull out your business card and tell them to keep you in mind. Business cards are small enough to fit in your wallet and provide just enough space to showcase your work. A bright green business card with a picture of a beautiful yard and a smiling face is a powerful combination! One ten-cent card can turn into a customer for life. Of course you’ll want to include your name and contact information, but you can also include a list of services you offer on the back, a value-adding tag-line (“Contact me for a picture-perfect lawn! Your lawn will look so good, your friends will be jealous!”), or a discount for first time customers. Keep it simple and direct; make sure the information is readable and accessible at a glance!


This lawn care advertising idea is for when Spring rolls around and business starts to boom! Flyers are an outstanding way to get ahead of the rest and start promoting your business. Timing is everything – you want to have clients thinking about you just as they realize they need you. A flyer gives you more space than a business card to advertise yourself. In addition to your contact information, tagline, and services, you’ll also be able to include a testimonial, pricing and territory information, or extra images. Remember, you want to keep it simple so that you can get your point across to customers fast. Print them, and, just like the business cards, put them anywhere you can think of! They’re no use until they’re in someone else’s hands.

Offer Business to HOA’s

While you will have to put in some advertising effort at first, this lawn care advertising idea could have you providing lawn care for entire neighborhoods! There are many cities that have neighborhood communities and homeowner’s associations. HOA’s are a really great opportunity to both get a steady stream of work, as well as advertise for more business. Negotiate with community associations to include your business in their brochures or resident newsletters. Ask if they’ll let you pitch a lawn or yard sign after you’ve finished working. Some might even be open to promoting your business for a small commission per job. This is one of the greatest lawn care advertising ideas – not only do you get the advertising, but people will be able to see your work, right in front of their eyes!

Word of Mouth

The best advertisements come from the people around us, and lawn care advertising is no exception. If you’re good at what you do and other’s know it, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Good service is often tied in with establishing good relationships with your clients. You’ve helped them in keeping their lawn in tip-top shape. Chances are, their friends want a picture-perfect lawn as well! While it can be daunting asking a customer to spread the word about your services, it’s a very effective, and low-cost (free!) way to promote your business. They might be happy to help, but they won’t think of it unless you ask – so speak up! Think about it like asking a friend for a favor or recommendation. You can even leave some of those beautiful business cards you printed out so your clients can hand them over to their friends.

Get Reviewed

Advertising your business can be mentally exhausting, especially when most of the energy is focused on providing great lawn care services to your clients. Using apps like LawnGuru can be a great technique for gaining exposure and getting more clients. Make sure to listen to the needs of your clients, and give them the best professional advice that suits them. After a job well done, don’t be afraid to remind them to leave you a good review on the app! You can give a special flyer with a reminder – it will be worth the investment – there aren’t many lawn care advertising ideas that will give you a better return on investment. Having a five-star review will differentiate you and show that you are a trustworthy professional, and will attract the best customers.

Sign Up To Be A Provider For LawnGuru

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