The Best Shovels To Clear Snow in 2022

No matter how much snowfall you expect or what kind of surfaces you need to clear, there’s a shovel that will do it most efficiently. If you’re like us, that’s important to know so you’re saving your time and your back! We’ve ranked the best snow shovels of 2022 in terms of cost, quality, efficiency and longevity below.

Table of Contents

#1. Staff Pick
27-inch Snow Shovel & Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Curved Handle
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#2. Best Commercial Grade Shovel
Snow Pusher 30" Shovel
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#3. Best Scraping Shovel
True Temper 20" Aluminum Snow Shovel
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#4. Best Residential Shovel
18" Ergonomic Shovel & Pusher Combo
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#5. Best Push Shovel
Tuffoim Wheeled Snow Pusher
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#6. Best Ice-Breaker
Ames 7-Inch Forged Sidewalk Scraper
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#7. Best In the Car or Truck Shovel
Birdrock 34-inch Folding & Telescoping Emergency Shovel
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#8. Best Electric Shovel
Greenwork 12-inch 8 amp Snow Shovel
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1. Staff Pick: 27-inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

Ergonomic Snow Showels

If there is one shovel our staff wanted most in their garage to clear snow storms – large or small – this style is it. You can clear sidewalks and driveways quickly and effectively so long as the snow isn’t too wet (heavy). This shovel is easily the people’s choice when it comes to the best snow shovels, and the price tag to match is appealing too.

Price: $30-$40

Pros: Wide metal tipped blade, curved grip for shoveling or pushing

Cons: Difficult to use on heavy or wetter snow

2. Best Commercial Grade Shovel: Snow Pusher 30"

Snow Shovels True Temper

The Snowplow Snow Pusher line of shovels are hands down the top-of-the-line commercial grade shovels. They are more durably built and better designed than typical shovels – giving the user some creative ways to put them to work. This is the best snow shovel, commercially speaking, that you’ll want to arm your crew with.

Price:  $50-$60

Pros: Durable, wide, multiple ways to use

Cons: More expensive than other shovels

3. Best Scraping Shovel: True Temper 20" Aluminum Snow Shovel

Aluminum Snow Shovels

If you’re clearing concrete surfaces and want to scrape them clean on the first go, this is the shovel for you. This shovel is durable, easy to use, and super effective on concrete sidewalks or driveways.

Price: $36-$42

Pros: Easily scrapes surfaces clean, push or shovel design, durable build quality

Cons: Can scratch or mar surfaces that aren’t smooth concrete.

4. Best Residential Shovel; 18" Ergonomic Snow Shovel and Pusher Combo

Snow Shovel

This shovel is the most widely available on the market – and can be found everywhere from Amazon to your corner store.

Price: $22-$27

Pros: Push or shovel capabilities, metal tipped blade scrapes pretty well too. 

Cons: Not great for large areas.

5. Best Push Shovel: Tuffiom Wheeled Snow Pusher

Snow Shovel

If you’ve got a long path or driveway to clear off a lot of snow in a little amount of time and without using a snow blower, the Tuffiom Wheeled Snow Pusher is for you.


Pros: Quieter than a snow blower, nearly as capable.

Cons: Deisgn limits use to push function only.

6. Best Ice-Breaker: Ames 7" Forged Sidewalk Scraper

ames 7 inch sidewalk scraper

Knock-Knock! Wait, not that kind of icebreaker. The forged steel blade cuts through frozen chunks of ice and scrapes surfaces clean. If you’re trying to remove hard-packed ice or break up ice – you’ve found the best tool for the job. While not precisely a shovel, the Ames Forged Sidewalk Scarper makes its appearance on the best snow shovels of 2022 list purely because of how easy it makes removing ice and hard pack from your driveway.


Pros: Heavy-duty build can cut or break more than just ice and hardpack.

Cons: Not very effective for anything except cutting and breaking up the ice. Can Scratch or mark surfaces too

7. Best In The Car or Truck Shovel: Birdrock 34" Folding & Telescoping Emergency Shovel

Birdrock 34 inch folding emergency shovel

Keeping a shovel in your car or truck is essential in the winter – allowing you to continue on your trip and get to better driving surfaces. This shovel is compact, durable and telescopes in size to suit a variety of use-cases from up under tires to in front of the vehicle. 

Price: $36-$40

Pros: Compact durable design makes it ideal for winter use in vehicles.

Cons: Handle length limits capacity for leverage.

8. Best Electric Shovel: Greenworks 12-inch 8 amp Snow Shovel

Greenwork electric Shovel

If you’ve got an area that for one reason or another can’t be cleared by a snow blower, the Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel is just the thing for you. It goes anywhere a shovel can go and brings the might of the modern era with it. If you’re one for extra power and ready to step up your snow-clearing game, Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel is easily one of the best snow shovels for you. Further, browse some of our top-rated snowplows!

Price: $165-$220

Pros: Goes anywhere a shovel can, electrical power does most of the work for you.

Cons: Available in cordless or corded variants – you’ll want to confirm which suits you best.