So, you’re a LawnGuru provider, and you’re looking to become a LawnGuru Elite Provider. For those who don’t know, Elite is a rank reserved purely for what our team and customers can clearly see are the best providers. They are the providers who do the best, the providers who we love, and the providers who customers love the most. How do you become one? Well, this is your new best friend- The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a LawnGuru Elite Provider. Every bit of information, every question answered, and all the tips and tricks to climbing the ranks to becoming Elite.

How much you can earn as a LawnGuru Provider

Our average LawnGuru provider earns and additional $700 each week with our app, and our top providers earn over $2500/week. This guide is a step by step tutorial on how you can get the most of out the LawnGuru experience. As a quick reminder, if you are brand new or looking to see how to use our app, see our original guide here. For more general support, visit our support center here. This guide (although helpful for providers both new and old), is tailored specifically at growing your business and setting up and maximizing your digital assets.

We’ll start with your LawnGuru website, then go to your Google My Business page, Facebook page, your Instagram, some growth tips, and more. We recommend you follow this guide in order to get everything set up the best way, but feel free to use it as a tool- skip around as you like!

Let’s get started with step 1- setting up your personal LawnGuru provider website- it will be your main link on all your social medias.

Activating Your Free LawnGuru Provider Website (5-10 minutes)

One of the perks of working with LawnGuru is that we give you your own personal provider website- customized the way you want it. You can use this to showcase your business online, and also send customers to for more information, getting a quote, and learning more. This website can be made fast and easy, and you can link it on your Google page, Facebook page, and Instagram page. Again, it’s 100% free for providers thanks to the LawnGuru tech team so lets walk you through activating your website, sharing it on your social media, and growing your business with it.

Use the LawnGuru app to activate your free website

Step 1: To activate your website, open the LawnGuru Pro app and open the “Claim” tab. In the upper menu, tap “Website”.

Step 2: Tap “Activate My Website” at the bottom of the page, and confirm your service area on the map and tap “Next”. Confirm your services offered to display on your website and hit “Next”. To add some information to your website, fill in the questions about when you started business, working with LawnGuru, etc., these will be displayed on your website. Hit “Next” and set your pricing on your own, or use LawnGuru pricing (shown at the bottom of the page), tap “Next” when you select your option. Repeat this for all the services you selected, and hit “Activate” when you are done.

Step 3: You’ll be asked to create your URL, and this is what people can type in and click to view your website. Type your desired URL and submit the page. And you’re done! Just like that, your own personal website will be created and done within minutes

Getting more customers with your provider website

Your site is more than just a personal site, it’s a great way to share more information to your prospective clients, and it has capabilities for those people to book services from your website. You’ll get a notification anytime someone books service on your site. If you want to take the job, it’s yours. If it’s not a great fit, you can refer it to another provider and earn a $15 referral bonus once the job is complete, so it’s a win for you no matter what!

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Part 2 – Setting Up Your Google My Business Page

Or download the full guide to follow along on your own time here.