As a kid, you probably recall your parents saying “you break it you buy it.” That same idiom applies in lawn care. While our Pro’s are a cut above in all aspects of lawn care, they are also human, and have landscaping accidents.

These are 5 surprising damage claims we’ve had to manage in 2019.

You break it you buy it grocery store meme
You Heard Them.

Here are 5 times LawnGuru Pro’s broke it and bought it!

1. You know it’s hot when…

Home siding melted due to leaf blower exhaust - lawn and landscaping accident
The leaves are gone, but so is your siding

What started out as an ordinary fall cleanup, quickly snowballed for Pro Branden D. After blowing leaves off Ben M’s porch in Ferndale, Michigan; he realized he must have been standing in the same place for too long. The exhaust from his backpack blower completely melted the siding.

Branden handles any landscaping accidents like the Pro he is though so he had the siding fixed in less than a week! He also took Disclosure’s “When the Fire Starts to Burn” and Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” off his work playlist.

2. AAA: What’s your Emergency?

Chevrolet truck and John Deere Mower stuck in the mud
Hi, I’m going to need a double tow. Yes, double tow; not double cab

It rained 22 out of 29 days last May so it’s no surprise this Pro got caught in a particularly muddy situation. When his mower got stuck, he got the tow straps out because, you know, that’s what trucks are for.

Next thing you know, both mower AND truck were knee deep in the lawn. Thankfully AAA saved the day with a free double tow! After getting back to the pavement this pro did return to level the soil and put down seeds for their customer.

3. He may have been on foot, but this is not a hit and run.

A broken car window due to a rock - lawn and landscaping accident
That didn’t sound good…

Houston Pro, Randy J. figured he’d encountered a pretty common problem when his weed whacker threw a rock through his customer’s car window. It happens. On closer inspection, Randy got the surprise of a lifetime when he realized that rock had actually gone through TWO windows.

She was super understanding despite not being able to use her AC in the hot, sticky, Texas heat. Luckily, her car came out of the shop the following day with a brand new window!

4. This isn’t even a driveway, bro!

A lawn that was plowed instead of the driveway - lawn and landscaping accident
“I’m at a loss for words” – customer

During snowstorms, providers work around the clock. At 5am when they’re finishing a route so driveways are clear for work in the morning, the margin for error increases. Leon M. was speechless when he woke up to find that his Pro Joseph H. plowed his lawn rather than his driveway.

To be fair, the driveway is between two identical trees about 6 ft to the right of the photo you’re looking at (see the basketball hoop above).

The customer was definitely surprised but thankfully had a good sense of humor about it and appreciated his Pro coming back to plow his actual driveway. Did we mention not a lick of damage was caused?

5. Precision is the hallmark of a professional.

Cracked car bumper due to a snow plow blade - lawn and landscaping accident
…but sometimes we’re too precise

When clearing snow, you’re most efficient and generally less likely to cause incidental damage using a plow. Snowblowers and shovels are more likely to inflict damage when clearing snow near cars in the plow area. On the other hand, when landscaping accidents happen they are generally the worst (best? describing mistakes feels like “not” going to school on opposite day).

BMW Z8 that is Cut In Half in the James Bond Movie
1999’s Most Precise Plow Award Recipient

In this case, John A was in the money when he dropped his plow, but a slight angle in his steering put him deep in the red (gray, the car is definitely gray).

After documenting the issue and alerting us and his customer, he went on to finish his route for 2019’s most recent snow-event. While the car is still in the shop, we’re proud to let you know it’ll be making a full recovery at no cost to the customer.

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