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Build a Steady Route

Building your route with purpose and with efficiency in mind will help you build a dense route and see more profits. Accomplish this by following LawnGuru’s tips to maintaining existing customers and how to build a steady route. 

First, ask yourself what days you are in which area, how far are you willing to drive each day, and how many jobs can you complete within your working hours? These questions are key to determine how you’d like to structure your route before connecting with customers and claiming jobs. A solid, structured route will help you maintain customers long term and allow you the flexibility to easily add more customers to your route each year. 

Develop Tighter Routes

Building a profitable and route-based lawn care business revolves around route density. Building a dense route doesn’t happen overnight. Routes should be optimized by determining where drive time can be decreased and ensuring customers within the same neighborhoods are serviced the same day each week. 

Providers that use LawnGuru have the option to optimize their route right within the app! LawnGuru makes it easy to develop tighter routes by offering route optimization and “hoods,” which are groups of customers within the same area. 

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Maintain Customers

Effective Communication

Customers value consistent communication from their lawn care providers. Be sure to provide updates to your customers about what time you’ll be out to service their property as well as any delays or information on when you’ll be rescheduling them. Even a quick message to inform your customer about a weather delay will build trust. 

When you’ve established trust and consistent communication with your customers, they’ll likely stay with you for years and trust their other lawn care needs with your company. Additionally, aside from maintaining these customers, they will likely recommend you to their neighbors and friends. Word of mouth referrals is an effective and easy way to gain new customers. 


Maintaining consistency within your route will be the driving force of maintaining customers and gaining new ones from referrals. Customers love consistent service and communication. If you say they’ll be on your Thursday route, always cut their lawn on Thursdays. This does take weather or mechanical delays into account because services can be rescheduled by communicating with the customer. 

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Put These Tips to Work

The basis of a successful landscaping business is well-structured routes and consistent communication with your customers. Focusing on these aspects of your business will ensure it is successful for years to come. After following LawnGuru’s tips here, you should be set to build out a steady route and have a greater understanding of how to maintain your existing customers!

Additionally, apps like LawnGuru can help grow your business by providing new customers and a streamlined approach to optimize your route. Personal customers can also be added to LawnGuru. This allows you to keep your route and payments in one place. More information can be found here

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