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LawnGuru Makes Lawn Care Accessible

LawnGuru is an on-demand lawn care marketplace. Once signed up, you can manage your service from your phone or web browser. Easily book landscaping services, such as yard cleanups, mulching, weeding services, etc. 

LawnGuru also offers AutoPlow, our on-demand snow plowing service. Anytime the forecast in your area calls for more than a flurry, we automatically activate your service and notify you via email and text. Once you book, you are pre-routed with a crew for service. LawnGuru is a non-contract service, so you have the ability to skip plows or cancel as needed. You can expect your provider out within 6 hours of the storm ending. 

The accessibility of an on-demand service like AutoPlow is great for senior citizens because it takes the guess work out of finding a plowing company or making sure you’re on their route. We automatically pair you with a crew and ensure you’re on their route for a streamlined experience. The concept is similar for lawn care when you are booking a recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly mowing service. You are pre-routed each service date with your provider. 

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Easy to Manage Service

LawnGuru takes the hard work out of finding and booking a reliable provider. From our website, you can sign up for lawn mowing services or one of the many landscaping services we offer. Once booked, a provider will add you to their route for service within 48 hours (weather permitting). For landscaping services like yard cleanups, you’ll receive a variety of quotes from different providers and be able to choose the quote that works best for you. 

Once booked, managing your service is simple! The easy to use interface of the LawnGuru app allows you to message and call your provider, skip service as needed, and easily update your payment information. You can also access your account from any computer or web browser as well.

Additionally, LawnGuru support agents are here to help! Agents can be reached through text, email, and live chat through the app

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Ease of Mind for You and Your Kids

LawnGuru is a great resource for children or grandchildren helping their parents set up and manage their lawn care service. Many customers will create an account in their name but include their parents address on their account. This allows you to effectively manage both yours and your parents service from one account. Any notifications regarding the service is sent to both the phone number and email on file, keeping you well informed of any service information. 

Our on-demand service makes hiring a landscaper accessible for senior citizens and their families. The accessibility aspect of being able to manage your account from anywhere can be a huge benefit for families that live in different states or cities. Through the app, you can message your provider or confirm service was done by viewing before and after photos submitted.