This is Part 6 and the last step in our guide, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Elite LawnGuru Provider. If you missed parts OneTwoThreeFour or Five we recommend checking them out first. In Part 6 we’ll discuss the best ways you can leverage your LawnGuru provider website and app to grow your lawn and landscape business.

Remember Your Personalized LawnGuru Provider Websites

Remember, we give you a provider website that you can customize and make your own- built with easy contact buttons, showcases of your work, and all that you need to stand out to your next customer. We do all the hard work for you- the website creation, design, hosting, back end technology, front end user interfaces, mobile friendly and desktop friendly interfaces, easy editing, and way more. If it sounds like tech jargon and a pain to you, it’s because it is. Luckily, leveraging your LawnGuru website is none of that- we built it so any provider can have their own website, and make it their own without having to learn anything new.

Setting up your social media and Google page is great to be found, showcase your work, and get consideration from the customer, but your website is where a lot of people will go to see more and look for more reasons to reach out to you.

We built our website specifically for this, so leverage it to get your customers, and link it to all your social medias.

Recommend The Services Your Customers Need with the LawnGuru App

Additionally, the beauty of LawnGuru is on our technology- after all, it’s our business, and it’s how we connect you to your customers. Don’t forget you can always grow your business with the app, it’s more than just a connection tool. When you get happy customers served, remember that they don’t always know everything about you, and they may not know everything they need to get done. Use our app to upsell your clients on additional services you think they may need, and make sure to ask for reviews if they are pleased. Building these relationships is crucial for long term growth and making good connections with your customers, and LawnGuru alike- both of which greatly contribute to getting LawnGuru Elite.

The screenshot below is a step by step for upselling your clients, and this is a feature only available to preferred providers. For those who qualify, they can recommend services to their customers, send them a quote, clarify the scope of work, upload photos, and include a message. This is a great way to build relationships with existing customers, help them more, and gain more loyalty and business to progress toward LawnGuru Elite.

Download the Entire Guide

You made it through our Ultimate Guide! There’s a lot of information here, we know. Download all 6 steps of our guide as a PDF below, so you can revisit it to use is as you like. It’s a guide after all, not just a one time read.

Final Thoughts

Becoming LawnGuru elite is not just a title- it’s a journey into growing your business, your work, your brand, your presence, and everything that will build your foundations to make you successful and keep customers coming into your pipeline.

Remember, growing your business with what is in this guide is a great way to get more customers to become LawnGuru elite, but without stellar service, communication, professionalism, and reliability, it’s impossible to retain those customers and relationships for long, let alone achieve LawnGuru elite.

Our top performing providers are those who do it all- those who go above and beyond to continually demonstrate exceptional work, all while showing a high standard and proven track record for happy customers over time. Becoming a preferred provider means that you get special quote abilities and special service jobs, but becoming LawnGuru elite is the ultimate badge of honor- an instant symbol of trust for all LawnGuru customers, and the best reason for them to pick you.

So, use this guide wisely to build and grow your digital presence, but always remember that our best providers maintain and excel from their service and quality, not just their digital assets. This guide was made to help you grow your business and get more customers on your own, but the rest is up to you!