If you’re a newbie to lawn care and gardening, or simply struggling to keep your plants alive, you need to find some foolproof plants perfect for low maintenance lawn care.

It’s true, you can’t kill something that isn’t living, but faux outdoor plants are never the goal.

Here are 12 plants, shrubs, and flowers that are sure to make your landscape beautiful with little effort.


These huge, saucer-like flowers grow on stems up to 5 feet tall, making them very dramatic plants in the garden. They easily grow in dry or wet climates, attract butterflies, and are perfect for framing an entryway. How’s that for curb appeal?

Bright red hibiscus plants also attract hummingbirds!

Kimberly Queen Fern

Think lush, bold & easy to grow! Better yet, one large plant adds a tropical texture to even the plainest of outdoor spaces.

Dark green plants especially pop against light colored houses.


They’re low-maintenance, low-cost, and drought-tolerant! Plus, these hardy beauties are no strangers to butterflies & bumblebees. Did we mention they’re deer resistant too?

These coneflower plants provide easy access for insects and birds which help with lawn care.


Succulents are described as indestructible and their flexible nature makes them an ideal plant for tough growing conditions. They come in a variety of shapes & sizes and are often sold in bulk making them relatively inexpensive.

Succulents are easy plants to gifts as well!


Not only is basil delicious on pizza and pasta, but this robust plant grows in abundance! Like mint or rosemary, this is the perfect herb for beginners because it requires hardly any lawn care or weeding!

Basil smells incredible, just as an added bonus!


While some plants fare better in particular regions, these full-bodied flowers can grow almost anywhere. They come in a wide array of colors which is a direct result of the soil’s pH. If you’re looking for low maintenance lawn care, Hydrangea’s are one of our top picks!

Hydrangeas can be a quick lawn care addition to fill space!


Not threatened by heat, humidity or drought, this disease-resistant plant is among the first to emerge in spring and tends to last late into fall.

These plants make a perfect ground covering.


Large paper-mache-like poppies bring bright pops of spring and summer colors to any garden. They require minimal lawn care, like sporadic weeding, when in direct sunlight or during dry spells.

Poppies are super bright and catch the sun!


Often disliked by foraging rabbits and deer, yarrow blooms generously in the sun and stands strong against the summer heat.

Hardly any lawn care is needed with these natural rodent repellents.


Perennial geraniums are commonly used to fill large spaces, or as accent plants in hangers and flower boxes. They require little to no lawn care since they are tolerant of both wet and dry soil.

Geraniums are classic basket flowers!


Hostas are the most popular perennial garden plants because they thrive in shade, and they are extremely easy to care for and propagate!

Pro Tip: Add perennial trimming to any fall cleanup so these beauties are prepared for winter and ready to flourish come spring!

These plants are perfect for easy lawn care and full gardens.


These delicate flowers are surprisingly strong and can thrive for decades given full sun and well-drained soil. They provide fragrant spring blooms, but have slow growth so garden and lawn care is easy.

Peonies make a beautiful bouquet centerpiece!

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