Do you know how often you should mow your lawn? There are many reasons to mow your lawn regularly. It keeps your property looking well groomed, and it can also keep the grass healthy and happy when done conscientiously. While it’s important to keep up with one’s lawn care, too much of something isn’t always a good thing…that includes giving your lawn too many close shaves. So, really, how often should you mow your lawn?

The number one factor to keep in mind when planning how often to mow your lawn is how long you want your grass to be, and how often you’ll be willing to cut it. No one wants an overgrown lawn, but cutting too much off the top at once can weaken the root system. This can make it more difficult for your grass to absorb the water and fertilizer it needs to be healthy. So, it’s important to plan your maintenance schedule in advance, and stick with it. Want to make your life even easier? Download LawnGuru’s app and schedule your cuts with the push of a button so you never have to wonder how often you should mow your lawn again. 

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Here’s How Often You Should Mow Your Lawn If…

Your Grass is Too Long

The longer your grass is, the more you will need to initially mow it to get your desired appearance. Follow the tried and true lawn care tenet, “the 1/3 rule.” The healthiest part of the grass is closer to the tip of the blade, and it’s important not to cut too much or else your grass will get stressed out! When your lawn is overgrown, only cut 1/3 of the grass height at a time, waiting at least 2-3 days between each cut. After your grass is at the desired height, adhering to a steady mowing schedule will be key to maintain the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Your Grass is Growing Fast

If your lawn’s a-growin’, it’s time for a mowin’! The weather will usually be an important factor when it comes to how quickly your grass is growing. Warm-season grasses will thrive in the summertime, whereas cool-season grasses grow more quickly in the spring or fall. Generally speaking, during the season when your lawn is happiest, a weekly cut should do the trick. However, you will need to tailor your habits to the breed and climate.

It’s Off-Season

You won’t need to mow your lawn as often during the seasons when your grass isn’t thriving. Again, it all goes back to your desired length for your lawn. During the off-season, you could get away with mowing every 2 weeks, or even just once a month! Just keep an eye on your lawn to gauge when it’s time to mow, and always keep in mind that 1/3 rule!

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You use LawnGuru

Never! When you use the LawnGuru app, you can get a professional lawn mow at your beck and call, or you can subscribe for weekly mows (seasonally, of course) for out-of-sight, out-of-mind lawn maintenance. Want to skip a cut one week? Cancelling a cut is a no-brainer, all you need to do is press a button—see a theme here?

Figuring out a lawn mowing regimen isn’t difficult, but, as you can see, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind. LawnGuru can handle your lawn regimen, so, you can spend more time focusing on life.